Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Character Wednesday

Why hello 210 followers (that probably only followed this blog for my Fangirl contest, but you're here anyways so might as well read about me!)

Usually I would do a WIP Wednesday (well I did update my WIP on the side bar...5K wooo).  But today I decided to take a cue from Kody Keplinger's blog and do a little character charting of the character's from my finished ms MY PAPER HEART.

Without further ado....*drumroll*

Libby Gentry

Full name:  Olivia Grace Gentry
Age:  Nineteen
Hometown:  Very wealthy Chicago suburb (if you are from the suburbs it's one on the North Shore and very ritzy.  If you guess it maybe I'll give you a prize?)
Theme song:  Hell on the Heart- Eric Church

Sure, from the outside Libby looks like your typical sorority girl with her long wavy blond hair and legs that go on for miles, but when you take a step back you see that there is definitely more to this girl that meets the eye.

For years she was a social outcast in high school.  Dubbed by the popular girls as "Big Bird" for her tall stature and blonde mess of hair.  Then one night at a college fraternity party, a new boyfriend, and a bid for one of the most popular sororities on campus turned her life around.  So she's a happy little sorority bunny, right?

Not quite.  What most people didn't see was the struggle Libby had to deal with to fit in.  Weekly weigh-ins, late nights being the designated driver for her pledge class, frequent trips to "pray to the porcelain God", and a boyfriend who not only encouraged it, but didn't even care what she did or didn't do didn't help her survival in college.

Then here comes the beginning of my story:  The college life crept up with Libby.  Sure she wasn't out late partying, but when she doesn't understand the material and is too afraid to get help or too absorbed in her weekly weigh-ins...well it should have been obvious that she would receive the letter that she'd been kicked out of school.

To set her on the right path her parents sent her to live with and work for her great aunt in tiny Elsbury, Louisiana.  She figured she could live in the swamp for a summer, not too hard, but then the local town playboy, Blaine Crabtree, caught her eye and all bets were off.

As the summer progresses, Libby and Blaine's relationship heats up hotter than the Louisiana sun, but as it heats up Libby's insecurities are put out into the open and she isn't sure how to handle them.

When Libby tells Blaine that she loves him (TWICE) he doesn't reciprocate and all those insecurities just flood out into the open as she goes home to Chicago.

(Ohhhh but that's not the end.  A nice twist ending.  Sure Blaine may finally reciprocate, but when he does will it be too late?  Did a backbone finally grow in for Libby?)

Casting Call

Look wise, Libby is tall (5'10") she thinks she's overweight, but there is definitely a certain weight you should be at when you're that tall.  She has long, wavy blonde hair and a smile that dentists fawn over.

In my head...Libby Gentry has always been...*drumroll*

Blake Lively!

Thanks for sticking around guys and tune in on Friday for my Fangirl Friday segment!

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