Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Potluck

So have you checked out

Yeah she's throwing a labor day bbq and already I've gotten 5 new followers who are looking for pralines.  There are actually five batches of pralines and a candy bar cheesecake in my freezer if anyone would like to come on by!

Well I guess with a little inspiration from her bbq and since I've been noticeable absent for a few days...I thought that I should do a Friday five a little potluck style.

1.)  Some of you -may- be confused at posts about an agent.  I do have an agent, BUT it's not a literary agent.  Too add to the stress of preparing for baby and following hurricanes, my husband and I decided to put our house on the market.  If you are in Illinois and would like a nice small house you can call my real estate agent.

2.)  To the new people:  HEY.  I should say something witty... Uhhhhhh...  Usually there is a Fangirl Friday, but I am waiting for interviews back from Stacey Kade (who was just talking to me on Twitter and I fangirled out) and Kristin Walker (who um told me that she loved this blog and I shrieked like a little girl).  Otherwise I talk about my WIP, being a geek in high school and graduating to former sorority girl/fortune 500 company employee.

3.)  My WIP is a contemporary women's fiction with more details right there on the side bar.  If you would like to, you know, represent me or help me get this bad boy published I'm all ears.  I'm also working on a sci-fi fantasy novel called HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN.

4.)  I'm making beer bread because my preggo self thought it sounded good.  You should really be here right now.

5.)  I'm just going to search for a random picture and put it below...yeah me!  (Oh...that's Chace Crawford.  My husband asked why I have a picture of Chace Crawford, shirtless, on my computer.  I stammered and giggled...)


  1. My question is, Why WOULDN'T you have a pic of Chase on your computer.

    I had my nose pressed against the monitor trying to figure out the critters on his, thats my story and I am sticking to it.

  2. They are moose...uh... not that I have been staring at this picture constantly.

    Okay I lied...

  3. LOL! On the picture.

    Thanks for visiting from Karen's BBQ! This is so fun!

    And good luck submitting your Women's Fiction manuscript!

  4. Hi, new friend! Found you through Karen G! And uhhhhh Chase Crawford? Yes, please!


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