Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Musings

Why hello new blog followers!  Wasn't the labor day BBQ great?  Yeah...think I may have to do that on my own someday, but first this week is blog fest!  I will announce my part in the contest, that will run through the 9th to the 12th, on the 9th.  Okay so you want a clue?  Well let's just say The Fangirl has some books that she wants you to have!

Okay...enough of that and onto Monday Musings!

Oh, you've noticed the picture of that gorgeous former alien actor Jason Behr?  Yeah I spent alot of my labor day weekend watching Roswell and Fangirling out with author Stacey Kade.  (She will be doing an interview here soon, and you should go read her book THE GHOST AND THE GOTH).

But Magan, why Roswell?  Isn't MY PAPER HEART contemporary women's fiction?

Why yes random questions in my head, yes it is.  BUT, people keep asking about the alien novel I started a few months ago and even though I wanted to save it for Nanowrimo...yeah after about eight episodes of Roswell I couldn't let that happen.

So while MY PAPER HEART is on submission (two agents have fulls...and maybe more), HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN is in the works.  Oh I guess you want a teaser what it is about?


The tagline:  An intergalactic war all because two teenagers fell in love.

Yes, I do believe teenagers can be in love and I just want to write an intergalactic war.  Now back to enjoying Labor Day! OLE.

(Oh on a side note, my lovely crit partner, Leta, just got offered a deal with Cobblestone press to release her Christmas novella!  I would give away a copy, but it's erotica...and you all might not be into that.)


  1. I think the tag line sounds excellent and I'd definitely be interested in reading!

  2. It's like Romeo and Juliet -- in space!! Sounds great. :)

  3. What a good looking picture!!! I like him... a lot.

    PS nice tag line :)

    I found your blog over at Elana's (your comment had me laughing out loud!!!) and over at Karen's BBQ! I see we also have several of the same blog buddies so I'd be crazy not to follow :)

  4. I looooooved Roswell. It was my favorite. I was always a Michael fan, though. I like my guys all smartassy and rough around the edges :D

  5. After my third episode of Roswell I came back to four comments and then squealed like a little girl! Yes, I love me some Roswell and thanks for the new followers! Oh yeah, the Alien novel will be a Romeo and Juliet meets Men in Black...which I should go back to working on...

  6. Ooooh, exciting! I'd go for that. Except I didn't like Romeo and Juliet's ending.

  7. No Romeo and Juliet ending. Erg...I need to think of an ending. I'll get to that, eventually...

  8. Looking forward to hearing more about How To Date An Alien! My husband and I absolutely LOVED Roswell! In fact, we purchased a prop from the set when the studio cancelled the show after the third season. We are the proud (and geeky) owners of one of the nifty cylindrical lamps that hung above the counter in the Crashdown Cafe. :)


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