Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So...this much anticipated alien novel?  The one that is Romeo & Juliet meets Men In Black?

Yeah...had a first chapter and scraped it, BUT THEN I had a vision of what I WANTED to happen in the first chapter.  So I deleted what I had and re-wrote it.  Taking what I learned from RWA (make the hero and heroine meet), Creative Writing in college (get your character in trouble), and that I just wanted to add a scary prophecy and have my first chapter.

Want to know something really funny?  So MY PAPER's's on's got some request.  Yeah, that's great, BUT my manuscript with a whole really rough draft of a first chapter has already gotten more buzz than my completed one.  Believe it or not I actually had an agent e-mail me (who heard about the ms from this blog) and asked to see a query and the first ten pages.  I had to inform her that only seven pages have been written.  EPIC FAIL. 

Yeah, I can easily do a first draft in a month or so, BUT that's a first draft.  I finished my first draft of MY PAPER HEART in about three months, but by the time it was really finished (edits and all) was about 6 months all together.

Don't worry everyone I will keep you in the loop.  First draft is the vomit one, second draft is my read through, third draft goes to my critique partner, fourth draft goes to freelance editor, and then the fifth will go to betas (or any cool author or agent that really wants to check it out early.)

So for now, I'm trucking along on HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN (my husband hates the name, so it may be re-named), but if you'd like something a little bit more contemporary and women's fiction; MY PAPER HEART is still looking to find that perfect agent.

(Oh and in other news.  No Fangirl Friday this week because it's the beginning of blogfest!  But next Friday get ready for some Stacey Kade awesomeness!)


  1. Good luck with the agent hunt!!!

  2. The vomit one, lol. That's how I feel about my first drafts, too. I just hit 25K on my WiP, and I have no idea how to get my characters out of the mess I put them in!

    Saw your DUFF kit on Kody's blog. Anyone who references pralines gets my attention. ;) Good luck finding representation for Paper Heart!

  3. Sounds like you have some good stuff going on. Better get that ms done if people are asking for it!

  4. If I could give everyone that follows this blog pralines...I would.

  5. Hi! I am a new follower! Hope you can stop by and visit my blog!

    Have a great day!


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