Friday, October 1, 2010

Fangirl FAQ

So some of you are new followers (because of blogfest) or some of you may have found my savvy one liners entertaining. (I’m like the gimmick girl they put on sitcoms.) But that still leaves a lot of you with questions about this blog and who is this “Punching bag” or “Fangirl” so instead of Fangirl Friday I’m going to answer some of those frequently asked questions.

Q 1.) So why the punching bag?

A.) Throughout my young life I was picked on, A LOT. I was the chubby girl with braces and bad hair who would rather sit at home reading VC Andrews novels on a Friday night instead of going out. I spent a lot of time getting harassed and dealing with a lot of self-esteem and other issues that scarred me badly as a teen.

Then something changed, I left my small town to go off to college, lost about 50 pounds and joined a sorority. Suddenly all of these guys who never looked at me in high school were asking for my number and girls who I knew from my teen years were acting like we were best friends. Too bad I ended up getting a job at a fortune 500 company after college and they are all still stuck in that same small town.

So this blog was born. It was kind of my “fight back,” to say that things do get better after those sucky teen years and we all survive and hey if I can just do a little ranting about unfair injustice in the media (backlash at gay characters, stereotyping, ect) then I’m going to do it!

Q2.) You talk a lot about writing, are you published?

A.) Yes and no. No I don’t have a fiction book that you can pick up at your local book store, (though yes I’ve been in talks with an agent for awhile in a women’s fiction project, am a member of RWA, and am currently working on a YA Sci-fi novel).

Yes, I am published for non-fiction, but most of that you will probably never see. I wrote for awhile for a local Indy newspaper, (riveting stuff about local apartment companies and vampires), and I’ve had a number of documents published at work, but again you won’t see that unless you are an employee of the same company as me. I also had some random little papers and other things published and presented while I was at college, but sorry nothing cool for you to pick up at the book store (yet!)

Q3.) What’s with the Fangirl thing?

A.) Who doesn’t love a Fangirl? Remember how I said that I was kind of a geek in high school? Oh yeah the Fan boys had their Star Wars and Star Trek, but that didn’t stop me from freaking out about Buffy or any other thing that would just make me squeal. The Fangirl was resurrected when I started using Twitter and would just go crazy anytime a published author would talk to me. Thus I developed “Fangirl Friday,” so that I could interview all those authors that make me squeal.

Q4.) What is with your obsession with American Idol cast members?

A.) It’s not an obsession, it’s a very healthy infatuation with TWO former cast members, thank you. I wrote a contemporary YA novel using a snowboarding dreadlocked wonder boy as the main character. In my head he happened to look like Jason Castro so I started to listen to his music a lot to inspire the writing. Okay and let’s face it, I’ve had a thing for dreadlocks since I read the Jessica Darling series and wanted to pet Marcus Flutie’s hair.

Adam Lambert has always had a soft spot in my heart. As a member of PRIDE I was really upset by the backlash he got when he came out of the closet and wondered how people watching the show didn’t know that this guy who proclaimed, “When I was younger I’d rather play dress up than soccer,” was swimming on the other side of the river. When I started writing my alien novel my friend put the idea in my head that Adam Lambert would be the perfect alien lead because he is “intriguing yet frightening,” and thus the Glambert Fangirlness started again.Q5.) How does one go from writing Lesbian Fairy Erotica to Women’s Fiction to Young Adult Sci-Fi?

A.) Pregnancy hormones? No seriously… Okay so I started dabbling in the Fairy stuff in college, but I realized that I didn’t want to be known for someone that writes that sort of material so I scraped it. Then I started wanting to write YA and my idea for MY PAPER HEART CAME in, too bad the age of my character and sexual undertones made it Women’s Fiction. I’ve been dabbling back and forth with one agent for awhile, but wasn’t getting the responses that I wanted from the novel and actually think I write YA pretty well. So then I had this idea for an alien novel because I was sick of vampires and thought that there hadn’t been a good alien novel around for awhile (this was pre- I AM NUMBER FOUR). So I wrote a rough draft of my first chapter and it was terrible. Then I went back, did some research, got some help from some AMAZING authors (this is why I LOVE Stacey Kade) and haven’t stopped writing since. I’ve already had a few people very interested in this novel (oh yeah including agents, weird that they know about it?) So we shall see what happens when it’s all finished.Q6.) What is this “girlmance”?

A.) Girlmance is a phrase coined by Amanda and myself for the female version of a “bromance.” Feel free to use it with your own girlmances.

Q7.) What company do you work for?

A.) Sorry that’s something I cannot reveal. I’d like to keep my position and what I do between me, the people who know me personally, and the people who I’ve e-mailed at worry. Sorry not to be mean, it’s just not something I want to put out in cyber space.

Q8.) What agent are you talking to?

A.) His or her name will not be revealed till there is a contract signed JQ9.) Will you ever do a Fangirl Friday interview for yourself?

A.) I think it’s a little weird to interview myself, but other people have asked to interview me for the Fangirl Friday and my response is that I will when I have an agent and then I will let whoever wants to interview me do so.

Q10.) Famous last words?

A.) Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a women’s weapon is her tongue- Hermoine Gringold.


  1. Wonderful Fangirl, Magan! I really enjoyed this post! :D

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