Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday

The artistic dilemma that every writer sometimes faces:

You wrote one completed manuscript, then start another one.  Which one do you query?

Most people say:  Well query your best work.  Well what if you like them both and they are both COMPLETELY different genres.

Welcome to my world.

So I talked with a  friend about it and decided to wait out the fulls that I have for MY PAPER HEART (one agent may be in talks of getting out of agenting, but she has other associates that are not, so it could be a good sign.)  I’m also entering it in a contest.

If nothing comes over either of these things I think my women’s fiction piece will be shelved.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE this manuscript, but sometimes the market may just not be right at this time, or I just am too tired from packing to move and being pregnant to look up any more agents.

So the alien novel?  Oh did you happen to look at the side bar and realize that my first draft is rocking and rolling?  Oh yeah I even have my own fangirls now.  Sometimes I just listen to Adam Lambert and imagine him as my dark eyed alien and swoon.  Okay now that you all sufficiently think that I’m weird…  I guess I’ll do some housekeeping before I talk more about my WIP.

This Friday is going to be a different sort of “Fangirl Friday.”  A lot of people have had questions about The Fangirl aka me.  Questions like, “Are you published?” (Yes and No, I will answer that one on Friday), “Why the Fangirl?” and other questions, so Friday I will be answering some of those and if you do have any more you can leave them in the comments of this post or in Friday’s post and I will try my best to answer them J

Oh and now I guess I should talk about my WIP?  Well I just keep writing.  I’ve gotten some great pieces of advice recently on writing and I put those directly in my WIP.
1.)     Don’t set word count goals set what you want to happen goals.  This has tremendously changed my writing process!  Sometimes I don’t even know how I get to these events that I want to happen!
2.)    Have a crappy first draft.  I really want to go back and edit some things, but I know if I do that I may never finish it.  So I’m just piling through the first draft and know that anything after that will be better than crap.
3.)    I need to go on a book tour with Kelsey Ketch and dress up in pirate and alien costumes.  This is my biggest inspiration for writing right now…as weird as it is.  I figure that if I write a darker YA novel, like my friend Kelsey Ketch, then we’ll HAVE to go on tour together.  While working on my last WIP I talked about my love of pralines…unfortunately aliens don’t eat prailines.  So for this novel I’ll just have to make everyone Jell-O jigglers!

Alright and now I’m tired and need to get back to my WIP before my nap!  Till then think of some questions and enjoy my picture of Adam Lambert that not only intrigues me, but also frightens me at the same time!  (Notice I’ve had two characters that look like American Idol characters in my head?  I don’t know what this says about my television habits…)

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