Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Musings

How a Fangirl learns from the people she Fangirls over.

In one of the longest weekends of my husbands life we took a trip up to the Chicago suburbs to meet the fab authors:  Claudia Gray, Kiersten White, & Sophie Jordan who were all fabbity fab fab.

First they did an author panel and talked about themselves and their work.

(Yeah I have other pictures, but I just love Kiersten's face in this picture)

After they spoke about themselves and their books they did question and answer sessions, in which Claudia threw candy to those who asked questions.

What did I learn through this panel?

From Sophie:  Romance and women's fiction transfers easily into young adult.  What is young adult without a little romance and kissing, but just drop their age?  Also?  If you hang out at Starbucks across from a high school, you may get some great ideas for young adult novels!

From Kiersten:  Oh how I've fangirled out about Kiersten (more to come on that).  What I've always learned from Kiersten is to never give up.  Sometimes you write a novel for fun and it becomes a NYT bestseller!  What I learned that day was how to work a writing schedule around kids (three words:  Daddy baby sits.)

From Claudia:  (My husband kept pointing out that's her pen name, so I guess he really was paying attention?)  She gave the best writing schedule advice:  instead of concentrating on word counts focus on what scene you want to get done that day and make that your goal of the day.  Also?  That there were werewolves on the Titanic.

I wanted to buy all three of these ladies books, BUT I have a book allowance since we just bought a house, I spent $75 on a Snoogle...oh and did I mention I have ten books on my shelf that I just bought that my husband didn't know about right away?

So, sadly, but not too sadly I only bought PARANORMALCY.  I went up there with my book, Kiersten looked down saw my name and goes "OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE MAGAN" and then pointed at my looked like this.

(See the belly pointing that I thought was her wanting to shake my hand?  Also notice that there was a heat advisory last week so I wore capris, but it ended up being only 56 degrees so I grabbed a coat.)

We had a moment in which we bonded and then everyone in line knew I was pregnant and stared at my bump, but it's all good because then I got a picture with these three amazing ladies.

Someday I will get to do book tours and be on best seller lists like these ladies, but for now I will continue to Fangirl out till I'm all Fangirled out!


  1. This is Great! And sounds so much fun! Hey, maybe one day we can meet at an author panel. Better yet - maybe one day, we'll be two of the guess authors of the author panel. Hey, who knows :)

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time! I would have loved to have been there.

  3. I had to google what a Snoogle was. LOL Oh if you get a chance get Firelight trust me it is amazing. Thanks for sharing your blog post! If you tour in Texas I'll go visit and remind you about this post.


  4. Oh my snoogle may get it's own post. I do have pictures of me and my dog in bed with it! Someday Kelsey Ketch and I will go on tour. She writes YA novels about pirates and I write Southern Romances, so I just think that we'll dress up and do some weird dances while carrying pints. Sound like a great tour?

  5. For someone who allegedly loves me, you post pictures of me making very strange faces...

    It was so wonderful to meet you : )

  6. Kiersten- I had weirder face pictures...if you would rather have me put those up. I think it's my hidden talent. If I were on a TV show that would be my talent.

    And yes it was great to meet you too!

    Someday I will meet the rest of you and make really akward comments and I usually do.

  7. Sounds like a awesome tour to me (hee hee)!

  8. That does sound like an awesome tour! How about fans win prizes for dressing up and doing dances with you?

  9. I think this tour is in the making now. Once I have an agent...and our books our published then we will go on tour complete with costume contests! I feel like I need to photoshop this epicness right now.

  10. Hey gurl!
    I know we don't talk very often and such, but just so you know I stalk you via the web every once in awhile :)

    Good for you for writing your book and sticking to your dreams. Keep up the good work, and I will be sure to buy one of your books and ask for an autograph when I see it on the shelves.

    Also, Congrats on the soon to be new addition to your family! :D Very exciting stuff.


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