Friday, October 29, 2010

The Friday Five

So...most of you have been waiting for my vlog and wondering why I haven't been around much.  So, since I didn't check my e-mail early enough to post my Fangirl Friday interview, here is my Friday Five for what I've been up to these past two weeks.  And to say I'm sorry for not being around, so I'll make it up with a great interview and some interesting posts next week!

1.)  In case you didn't know I moved to the other side of town.  We went from a 1000 sq foot slab house to a 3000 sq ft home with three bathrooms and a finished basement.  I'm still hunting through boxes to find stuff and a bunch of empty boxes are sitting where my couch should be.  When I do, I'll be blogging from there instead of on the floor near my fire place.

2.)  I'm in a wedding this weekend.  One girl dropped out at the last minute, so my pregnant butt hoped down to David's bridal and got a dress.  There are alot more things that go on in a wedding for a bridesmaid than I realized and because of it I've been very, very busy when not at work.

3.)  I'm working on line edits for the second draft of HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN.  Once those line edits are done, I'll plug them into my manuscript and hopefully get it sent off to beta readers.  A few are doing Nano, but they'll have time in December and I'm meeting with my lovely (PUBLISHED) critique partner next Wednesday.  (Her first novella is coming out soon.  I would post the cover, but it's erotica...soooo...)

4.)  I'm looking at a new position in my company.  Yes, let's add more to my plate!  There is a department that I've wanted to get into since I started with the company and now a position is finally open that I'm qualified for.  If I get this position, I'm going to give something awesome away...I just don't know what yet.

5.)  I'm half way through my pregnancy!  Yeah!  It seems like only 4 and a half months ago I was out playing volleyball and going out I go to bed at 9:00 every night and really enjoy pineapple.  I do have a little bit more energy and I'm not getting sick all of the time, but I'm still tired.  There is a lot of preparation one needs to do before having a baby and frankly it's exhausting!

So yeah, I'm sorry, I have a lot of excuses, but next week I will make it up to you with: a preview of HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN, An interview with Jill Wheeler, and maybe I may even get my vlog working!

Till then happy Friday and have a great Halloween weekend!


  1. Sounds like you've been pretty busy lately! And, ooh, I'm excited about that preview for HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN!

  2. You've been a busy beaver! Hope you have a great weekend and fun at the wedding! And can wait to read your preview of HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN :)


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