Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday back really hurts and I made a deal with my friend that if I don't get HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN edited by the end of November then I have to go without trashy reality TV for a week.  So...since I should get crack-a-lacking on that, instead of a long post I thought I would take a cue from some other great authors and do my visual inspirations for HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN. 

Oh and JUST for Kelsey is another little sneak peak...  (Hope this gets you all super stoked)

Her slimy hands started reaching for my neck. “Must destroy the human girl.” She screeched as her fingers swirled like tentacles around my neck. I gasped for air, but the more I struggled, the tighter her hands grasped around my neck.

At least eight men rushed in and tried to pull her vice-like grip away from me, but they couldn’t move her as she mumbled in some cryptic language. I thought I was going to die, right there. I saw my life flash before my eyes-- my parent’s divorce, the birth of my half brother, Elijah, and even the Columbia recruiter looking at me with those big eyebrows. I didn’t want to die like this.

Then, all of a sudden, the air started to come back in my lungs and I could feel the woman’s grip loosening.

“No!” she screeched. “You, of all of us, should know what she can do!”

I looked up to see a pair of coal black eyes staring at me, as the man pulled the shaking woman away from my neck. The last thing I felt was the warm touch of his hand on my cheek before everything went dark.

*all pictures are from Flickr blog

Straight To The Horizon :: Vertorama
Lewes Bonfire 2009
Toronto 2010 Zombie Walk
Chile Mine Rescue

The Penultimate Sunset of 2007
The Aquarium Hotel
Night Passage


  1. WoW! I could feel the grasp around my own neck - tightening. *shivers* Thanks so much for posting the excerpt and the pics are cool! :D

  2. Ooh, creepy scene! Thanks for the visual inspiration. Though the zombie-ish one really freaks me out.

  3. First--new follower! *waves*

    I don't know how I've missed you all this time, but I'm so glad I've found you now. What a great excerpt, and I LOVE these pictures--especially the first one.

    Good luck on your edits. Hopefully you won't have to sacrifice your reality TV habit. ;)

  4. Ooh I like this pictures, especially the third one. I've been planning to do a visual inspiration post (great way to procrastinate!). And the excerpt is great, too!

  5. No TV for a week??? The horror! I hope you get those edits done, girl!

  6. 6 comments! I just squealed...and then people stared at me funny.

    I first should correct myself and say that my friend actually told me TWO weeks without TV, so now I have to sit my butt down and edit!

    Lotus- Thanks! Procrastination pays off!

    Nicole- It's a great way to procrastinate AND inspire. I hope the zombie one does it for you!

    Kelsey- For you, ANYTHING...okay except I can't drive to NC. I'll fly, but give me another few months!

    Lydia- Yeah, I was going with the whole "coal black eyes" thing, and this just had it.

    Shannon- *waves* HI, I hope I don't scare you too much! And I'm glad you like the pictures and just dont' think I'm creepy!

    Elana- I know, Tv is VERY important...and a good way to procrastinate from my editing in the first place...

  7. Gah! Slimy hands! Gah! This was great. Insane pictures too! I love the second one.


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