Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Musings

What's in your bag?

So, I started thinking about what kind of person my MC is.  I know she has aspirations to be a journalist, is allergic to contact lenses, and has an affliction for classic literature and movies.  So how do I get to know more about Alex? Then it made me wonder, how does one get to know anyone?  Then of course after all that thinking I got pretty hungry and dug through my purse to find change for a snack. Then IT HIT ME. You can tell a lot about a person from what's in their purse.

In High School, I had a black messenger bag that said "Jesus Loves Me and My Tattoos."  It carried my five subject notebook, a bunch of pens and mechanical pencils, My Kroger name tag and usually a copy of the latest book that I was reading.  On a side note, I didn't have any tattoos and dressed even better than I do now.  So I really wasn't as cool as I may have seemed.

 So what's in my purse?

First off, yes I do have a lime green Coach purse.  I can't help that I love me some designer purses and I also like bright colors.  So what else is in there?

*My trusty notebook- sometimes I have weird dreams or just random ideas that pop into my head and for that I need this notebook
*Highlighters, red pen, and sticky notes- for editing
*Target Gift cards- 6 months still counts as  a newlywed, right?
*Antacid tablets- I'm pregnant with heartburn, it happens
*Pens- I tend to pocket them wherever I go
*Hand sanitizer- Can never be too careful
*Ipod Mini- If it's not broke, why fix it?  It gets me my music and I like nostalgia.
*Checkbook- Because sometimes I buy things that they wont take credit card for
*Wallet- To keep my money and ID in.
*LG Rumor 2- Because the hubby is still holding the smartphone over my head
*Keys to my 2008 Cobalt- Because a girl's gotta drive.

So what does my purse say about me?  What's in your purse?  And more importantly what's in your character's purse?


  1. What great questions! I'll have to consider this. So far she hasn't carried a purse just a backpack. I know that she would have earplugs in it and an iPod.

  2. Backpack is especially relevent for young adults! Not that one has to take a whole chapter to describe what's in someone's bag, but even just from outside appearances you can see who the character is by what they carry!

  3. I think that's rather true that you can tell a lot by what someone has in their bag, which is probably why it's no surprise that one of my main characters has knives in his need a weapon when coming across zombies. As for my bag, I always have a book or my nook.

  4. So jealous of your lime green Coach bag! I'm a purse junkie.

  5. Nicole- Weapons are important to a story as well. Then you know exactlly what your up against, like Buffy with her arsenal of stakes!

    Karen- Yeah my husband didn't understand why I needed the Coach bag, but I insisted that it was necessary!


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