Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hiatus

Maybe I'm just taking a Holiday Hiatus, so that I have an excuse to use another Lolcat picture? 

Okay...a little, but really I am going to be gone for the holidays.  To where?  Well my parents decided that it would be great to spend Christmas with my husband and I in Vegas so away we go!

I will miss all of you and writing, but if I'm going to be staying at Treasure Island then I really should devote my time to pirate training...I think it's only fair to the world!

I will be reading PERSONAL DEMONS (I was told my ARC of ORIGINAL SIN is on the way) on the plane ride over, so some reviews will be coming up after the holidays.  Oh and I guess since it's Writerly Wednesday I should talk about my WIP?  Well working with my critique partners has made my manuscript even more amazing than I would have ever thought...and now I'm afraid that aliens are preserving themselves in a jelly-like substance and never die, but that's besides the point.

I will be getting back late on the 27th, but will update everyone with pictures next Writerly Wednesday and various stories...oh and did I mention I'll be sharing a sweet almost kiss scene from HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN?

Yeah I'm participating in Frankie Write's No Kiss Blogfest.  I think it's an awesome idea and since almost kiss scenes are my favorites to read and write, I thought it would be awesome to post mine!  You can still sign up and then post yours on January 2nd...or just swing by and read about some mad alien to human flirting!

Happy Holidays everyone and I'll make sure to kind of sort of think of you while I'm at Treasure Island!


  1. You should write "A Very Vegas Christmas". It'd be a good read!

    Have a great holiday!


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