Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Like every normal person I spent my Christmas this year in Vegas...WHAT?  Yes...over a year ago my parents decided that my husband and I should meet them in Vegas for Christmas.  It seemed like a great time for me to drink cheaply and gamble...then I got pregnant...well let me tell you, you can still have fun as an old pregnant lady in Vegas and get lots of writing inspiration in the process!  I show you!

Hubs and I HAD to watch the fountain show at Bellagio, but of course this picture would have been better if I didn't have some guy practically on my back as we watched the show.  I made sure to yell something about personal space issues.

Obligatory I-have-a-huge-six-month-baby-bump-and-standing-in front-of-Treasure-Island-picture.
Nothing says Christmas like a naked statue wrapped in tinsel.

Because Julie wanted to see my baby bump...and yes I know I look like Hades, but I couldn't find my contact lense case, so glasses it is!
Guess what I wished for on the Wishing Tree at the Mirage?

All I'm saying is doesn't this look like a space ship?  My husband says that I'm alien obsessed and that I shouldn't have been taking pictures when they said no flash photography (in my defense Cirque hadn't started yet).

So that was just some snippets from my trip to Vegas...learned why I wrote a story that takes place in the desert (because it's 60 degrees in the winter and I want to live there!) and also found out that 90 percent of the performers in Cirque Du Soleil are aliens...

Hope you all had a great holiday and I have some great things ahead for the blog in the new year (I'll give you a hint:  It includes reviews and agent interviews!)


  1. Awesome trip! I love the frozen ship and the Cirque does look like an alien spaceship! :D I hope your wish comes true!

  2. Wow thanks for sharing the pics with us! Looks like you had a blast :)

  3. Love the baby bump! How cool to have Christmas in Vegas!

  4. haha I went to Vegas right before Xmas and have similar photos - the Bellagio rocks.

    I came over from Jill's post about weight loss to say congrats - you did an amazing job!

    And I really loved your Dec 30 post too - I love hearing war stories from fellow writers and how you found your CP(s). Really nice to meet you!


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