Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Musings

Oh, you make me wanna listen to music again.

Why yes, yes I did quote Glambert and I'm darn proud to! But this post isn't about him...Okay so it SORT OF is about him, but more importantly this post is about music.

How many of you have a play list that you set your Itunes to every time you sit down to write your novel? Better yet, how many of you use Pandora?

Over at Shannon Whitney Messenger's blog I posed the question if there was any music that she listened to that just sparked something with her writing. (I know I'm really deep aren't I?) Anywhoo, that question sparked another quandary in my head...has any music inspired my writing?

When I wrote MY PAPER HEART, I literally had theme songs for my hero and heroine (Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood and Hell on the heart by Eric Church, respectively), if I ever was stuck on something I would just listen to one of those two songs and I would instantly know how one character saw the other.

But, of course, MY PAPER HEART has been shelved for now, so I need to focus on my alien boy and human girl. There were alot of songs that helped to push me through writing (Cherry Bomb is a great one to listen to if you are writing an alien battle scene, FYI), but I needed a theme song for Ace and Alex..

So I thought REAL hard and thought this one could be a pretty good one for Alex...

Do you have any better suggestions?  Do your characters have theme songs?  Do you really think this is the official music video?


  1. I would be surprised if that was an official music video :D. Great song for Alex! I have an Death's Island play list, but no character theme song for Meriden, but if I was to choose: White Flag by Dido -

  2. That video was really funny! I have a few Jason Mraz songs that inspired me recently.

  3. That video was odd, real odd. I'll have to get to know Alex though. Can't say if it's good for him or not as of yet.

  4. Kelsey- I think White Flag is a good choice and it really intrigues me about Meriden now!

    Lydia Kang- I love Jason Mraz! I feel like his songs could really be saying something horrible, but the beat is so good that I can't help but smile!

    Samantha- Lol yes it was definitely an odd video and I guess I should say that Alex is a girl that's in love with an alien. It sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie...or a sci-fi novel, lol.

  5. Ooo, I love that song. And I wish I could come up with a suggestion, but my brain is kind of mushy right now. I'll try to think and come back! :)

  6. What writer doesn't have a playlist for their novel? I feel like this is essential to the creative process...or maybe I'm just a fanatic about my music. I get so much out of just finding songs that match up with my story and sometimes I'll be listening to a random song and it will inspire a scene. Now you have me wanting to go on itunes and listen to my playlist.

  7. Shannon- I was counting on you for this one! Lol think real hard!

    Nicole- I need to really update my Itunes. When a song from Glee starts playing it really doesn't set the mood for an alien battle scene, lol.


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