Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writerly Wednesday

Today, for my Writerly Wednesday, I just wanted to share how I randomly found some of my new favorite writing buddies and how the Social Media world definitely helped out with that.  If you look at my sidebar you will see a few authors and writers.  Some of them you may have heard of and some you may be confused about, so I've included the links to their sites and hope you check them out too!

Beth Revis - Ms. Revis do you even know how I found you?  It was August and Mockingjay was coming out and I really wanted it.  Someone had retweeted a contest that Beth was having to win a Mockingjay book and pin.  I entered and starting following her blog because of it.  Slowly I became wrapped up in Beth's world of Across The Universe and couldn't be happier to have someone to talk alien with!

Elana Johnson - is a wonderful thing, isn't it?  Elana had done an early critique on one of my old queries on one of the forums, so of course I had to find out who she was!  After discovering that she was an agented author, I found her on the many differant social networking sites and immediatley became hooked when I found out about Possession!  Now she regularly gives me a reason to check out her blog in the morning and defined the word "Fangirl crush."

Jill Scribbles - This one is actually a really funny story...or atleast I think it is.  I was complaining about back pain with pregnancy and Jill @'ed me on Twitter and started talking to me about the Snoogle.  So after talking on Twitter I decided to check out her Twitter, blog, and was immediatley hooked by SLIDE.  It just goes to show you how Twitter mentions can really spark something!

Kelsey Ketch- When I started querying for MY PAPER HEART, I used to keep tract of all the agents that I was querying.  I soon realized that Kelsey and I were querying alot of the same agents.  Finally I saw Kelsey's story come across the "Success Stories" page.  I was so excited for her and after reading her story was even more inspired.  I interviewed her for Fangirl Friday and ever since then we can't stop talking about things like pirates, aliens, and all things writing!
Kienna Riley - Kienna/Leta is my real life critique partner.  We are both involved in our local chapter of RWA and after talking to another member about looking for a critique partner, she sent me in Leta's direction.  I was one of the first people to read UP ON A ROOFTOP and am so excited to see her published December 23rd!
Kiersten White -  Funny story...I have no idea how I found Kiersten, I just know that once I found her blog I was hooked!  Finding her blog took me all the way up to the Chicago suburbs to meet her in person and to get an autographed book!  That book has since been borrowed to my mother-in-law who is already asking about the sequel!

Lynsey Newton- Lynsey was actually one of my first blog followers back when I had no idea what I was doing!  Since then she's beta read both MY PAPER HEART and HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN (I know you're jealous, right?)  She keeps me updated on all things from the other side of the pond and puts up with my's a win-win situation.
Steph Sinkhorn - My husband pointed out that my friend's names tend to have alliteration and I like it!  Steph was part of one of my first writng groups and opened my eyes to the world of blogging and Tweeting.  Without her The Punching Bag wouldn't be here!

Nicole- Another critique partner!  Nicole was another early blog follower and reader of MY PAPER HEART.  I also got a first read of her work MORAL COMPASS, and I'm hoping to see that one get snagged up by an agent soon.  It reminds me of a little big of I AM NUMBER FOUR and a little bit of HUNGER GAMES, so I hope that excites all of you even more!

Stacey Kade- I guess I saved the best for last?  I actually discovered Stacey when I was querying agents in June and saw the cover of THE GHOST AND THE GOTH on her agent's website.  The title intrigued me, so I read the book not expecting much, but I can tell you that Stacey has a YA voice that definitely rocked me!  After that I contacted her for a blog interview and ever since then she's helped me out with all things science fiction (even helping to give Ace his name!)

I hope you check out some of these writers and find your own way to meet some great writers along your journey!


  1. It's funny how connections work. Makes you think there could be, I dunno, aliens involved...

  2. Please don't say I AM NUMBER FOUR I cringe every time I think of James Fray being behind the project.

  3. Samantha- The funny thing is, is that I wrote an alien story, but I've been scared of aliens since ET.

    Cari- I think Nicole's manuscript has the more "forbidden love/ hidden past secrets" aspect of "the story that I shall not name," and I was basically interested in the project because Alex Pettfeyer is pretty. Don't tell my husband...he thinks it's because Quinn from Glee is in the movie.

  4. Alex Pettfeyer is very pretty. He is my Jace from Mortal Instruments and Peeta from Hunger Games.

    When Nicole's book gets published I will be sure to add it to my to read list.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Now you've given me some more blogs to check out. Yay for more procrastination!

  6. These are all some wonderful writers and blogs, your list is a goldmine.

  7. Thanks for shout out, Magan! You ROCK!

  8. I'm so glad we started talking about our pregnancy woes!

  9. Kelsey- I'm pretty sure that you and you're cat Rock, just saying!

    Jill- True story! That snoogle has saved my back already!

  10. Saw your query on Jill's blog...good luck. Your story sounds really good!


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