Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Five: Snowpocalypse Addition

Sorry I haven't been very attentive to other people's blogs or Twitter the past couple days.  The midwest was hit with a Snowpocalypse giving us over a foot of snow and even higher drifts.  I promise to be more attentive next week and even have a Fangirl Friday interview to post :)  So since my Internet is FINALLY not spotty I thought I would post a Friday Five this week.

1.)  On the baby front, I'm still due in April.  Had a sonogram yesterday and baby is measuring big in her head and legs, but smaller in her waist.  I hope she keeps the long legs and tiny waist because that will help her out with the opposite sex later in life.

2.)  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Since I didn't have much for Internet the past couple days I did ALOT of revising on How to Date an Alien.  Long story short:  It may actually be completely revised by next week.  SQUEE.

3.)  The above picture is of my husband shoveling our back deck free of three foot snow drifts so that our dog could go to the bathroom.  She did keep getting stuck at the bottom of the deck and would cry till we coaxed her up.  She's a strange dog.

4.)  I want to do a blogfest, but can't think of when to do it or what kind of blogfest.  Thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.

5.)If you haven't noticed that I have a few new obsessions besides just aliens.  The show FACE OFF on SyFy has kept me up past 9 o'clock on Wednesday nights and I'm pretty stoked that they have an alien makeup challenge in the next episode.  I've also been watching BEING HUMAN that is also on the SyFy network.  I know I should get a life besides the television, but you try being on bed rest for two and a half days plus stuck inside without Internet during a snowpocalypse!

How has the weather been where you live?  Did you miss me in my absense?


  1. Lucky for me, the storm missed us so no new snow (although there is still inches of snow on the ground from a storm last week which cut off our power and caused two falling trees in our yard). I also like the idea of a blogfest, but as it's the morning, I'm having a brain fart on ideas. I should probably go wake up with some tea...

  2. Girl, where have you been? *reads post* Oh, ok. Well I guess I can forgive you. ;) (j/k) I haven't been around much either. Been sick lately.
    As for weather: actually, because of the storm you had up north, NC had a day of 70 degrees! Loved it, but now it's cold again. :P
    Glad to hear things are going well, except for the three foot drifts of snow.

  3. Miss you I figured you were watching the Jersey Shore and working on your spray tan. LOL the pup looks like she isn't convinced it's safe to go out. There is ice in Houston so the city shut down.

  4. Hi Magan! Love your post. Way to go on your revising. I spent my time snowed in watching Psych and playing SkyBurger. So, no writing :/ Seriously lack of motivation when storming outside. I'm glad you had the motivation. And, yes on lunch this month, just send me some dates that work for you. I can't wait until little Baby Girl is here so we can meet her.


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