Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pay it Forward: Fangirl style

So the lovely Shelli is running a Pay it Forward contest on her blog in which we have to write a post about someone who gave back to us, whether in writing or just in life in general.

Today I regale you with a writer girlmance that started over the summer when a down on her luck writer hadn't even started writing about aliens yet, and was dealing with the woes of rejection from her first manuscript.

Yes, I do look like a lolcat when I complain or cry about writing.  But, anywhoo... I was browsing through Querytracker.net success stories when a familiar name came up "Ketch."  (Or the great Kelsey Ketch)  I had seen here query some of the same agents as me, and even receive some of the same rejections.  So I read her success story and was BLOWN away by her perserverence after sending out 199 queries until she found the right agent.  Then the Fangirl in me came out...

I wanted to talk to her.  To see how she had such perserverance and I just wanted to hear her story.  So I lurked on Querytracker for awhile until I finally got the courage to message her and ask for an interview.  Which she TOTALLY said yes to and raised my meagerly followers rating that I had at the time.  (She is a pirate rockstar!)  But our story didn't end there...

We became Twitter friends.  Sending eachother differant messages and posting on eachothers blogs whenever we could.  But then came the day when I realized how much the Fangirl needed her pirate.  I was finishing up my second draft of HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN and realized that it needed more action, but for some reason my brain couldn't get that to my fingers and I needed help. So I asked Kelsey if she could maybe take a look at my manuscript and give me some ideas.

This is where the epic Pirate V. Alien debate was born!  She returned the notes for my manuscript within WEEKS and had some awesome suggestions!  BUT she didn't stop there.  If I ever had a question or just needed help getting my brain to function, she was there to help!  I have no idea how I would have written so many action scenes without her help.  Or knew that one girl could have so many alien jokes....

So today the Fangirl pays it forward to salute the awesome pirateness of Kelsey Ketch and hopes that I can someday have her mad pirate skills! 

(Note:  Sorry Kelsey, my picture of you wouldn't load, so I thought this was a good likeness...)


  1. Thank you so much, Magan! You have brightened up my day with this post and the pictures are priceless!
    I enjoy tweeting and brainstorming with you! And I'm glad that our chats have been inspiring!

  2. All I have to say is

    Aliens > Pirates.


  3. nice! I love this....thanks for stopping by!

  4. Always! Always! Always! love reading your posts Magan. Kelsey, this is a great story about how you two met. I know you have helped Magan alot, and she truly appreciates it!


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