Friday, March 18, 2011

Fight back Friday: No one is better than you!

We all have self doubt.  Sometimes it's just us seeing someone else with something we want and not thinking that we are good enough.  Sometime it's fueled by what someone else says to you or makes a comment about.

Me:  I don't feel like shopping all day Saturday.
Mom:  Why?  I did it when I was pregnant with you!  Infact the morning you were born I was out shopping
Me:  Sorry mom, I'm not you.

Sometimes it's hard for us to admit that we aren't that other person that we can't do something.  Sometimes we even find ourselves lashing out at the other person even if we don't know them.

I can write a better novel than her, she writes about sparkly vampires.  My characters are real.

Do we mean that?  Do we even realize what we are saying when we say things like that?  There are so many times that I have been jealous of other people.  Girls who had more lavish weddings than me, had an easy pregnancy, and especially people that have gotten published or found agents right away when I've struggled with it for over a year...but you know what?

No one is better than me.

I'm not saying that in a selfish way, but I think that we all need to realize that we are who we are and we can't compare ourselves with others to make ourselves feel better or worse about ourselves.  What is that really helping?  Sure, I can talk about some bad books that were published all that I want, but what is it going to change?  Is it really going to make me a better writer or going to make me a better person?

The answer is No.

What I want every reader to take away from this is that no matter what people say to you, no matter what you may read on a blog or see in a magazine-- no one is better than you.  You are an individual and a great person in your own right and the more you let those bad things get to you the more it takes you away from doing those things that you love.

So today I challenge you to put away the heart ache and self doubt and remember that no one is better than you!

What do you do to help self doubt?  How do you ignore those things that say 'she/he is better than me?


  1. I whip out my playlist and play a certain list of songs that include Hold on by B*witched ( - good for rejection blues too; Who Wouldn't Want to be Me by Keith Urban (; and my favorite Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield (
    Music really helps my mood. It helps me forget my troubles and reminds me to just be myself (even if that means dancing down the sidewalk ;) ).
    BTW, love the pic! My cats always have that 'betterthanyouness' look. LOL.

  2. I try not to compare myself to others, which is easier said than done. But whenever it gets harder, I just move on to working on a different hobby. If writing and publishing is frustrating me then I'll cook instead.


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