Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings

I thought with HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN being on submission that I should probably start working on another project.  Yes, I would love for my alien novel to be a trilogy, but you really shouldn't start on the other parts of a trilogy unless book one sells, so now I need a shiny new idea.  The problem?


The first full manuscript I completed came to me in a dream, well the initial idea that threw it into my head and wouldn't let go.  My second full manuscript came with an idea from a friend.  How to Date an Alien...that one just sort of came to me when I realized the lack of science fiction and aliens at the time I began writing (note: this was Spring of 2010 that I had the original idea.)

So how do I come up with something new?  I had this great idea, it was brilliant!  My critique partners loved it, I loved it, and then my husband pointed out that it was a book that had already been written..grrrr.  I've thought about taking my women's fiction manuscript (see: writing) and making it YA with some fantasy elements, but that one is coming a little bit slower than I had imagined.  So now I need to find me some inspiration...

How do you come up with ideas for your new WIP?  Have you ever taken a manuscript and changed genres and age groups?  Are you tired of hearing me talk?


  1. Lots of times it's from reading other books. New ideas just pop into my head. Or I read the news (the weird stuff) and ideas come that way. Good luck, Magan!

  2. I actually have a journal filled with ideas for WIP. Some were inspired while listening to a lecture, watching a movie or documentary, or from dreams. My mind just wanders over the possibilities, always asking 'what if' or 'how about', and suddenly an idea is born.

  3. My problem is I have way too many ideas. They constantly come to me. I'm actually planning to write a post about this. Usually when I learn or experience something new then an idea pops up.

  4. Lydia- My problem is that the shiny idea pops into my head, but then I realize the idea is actually the book that I'm reading and I

    Ketch- Maybe I should start journaling more, good idea!

    Nicole- I have some ideas...then I realize that they've been done. I can't wait for your post!

  5. I read a loooooot. Whenever I come across something where I'm like "huh, I would have thought it would go THIS way," I use it as a sort of launching point. I also keep a notebook with me and constantly write notes whenever something flits into my head, even everyday things like overhearing a conversation and wondering what it was all about.

    I also read a lot of random news and science articles and let my mind wander. And I ask a lot of "what if" questions ;)

  6. Steph- Great suggestions! With everything that is going on in the world, I'm sure news articles would definitely help to launch a science fiction story in my head!


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