Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magan wants an Ereader: The Nook

In the first of my research of a quest for an Ereader/Tablet I decided to check out The Nook.  The president of my local RWA chapter, Dixie, agreed to answer some questions for me about the Nook and my critique partner, Kienna Riley, offered to let me play with hers.  So without further ado:  The Nook.

Basic questions (yes or no, usually):

Does the device have a USB port: YES
Can you read in the sunlight: YES
Can you listen to music?: YES
Can you access the internet/ email: NO
Can you write on this device? (i.e. use word): NO
Can you edit on this device or critique?: NO
Is it easy to use?: YES

More in-depth questions:

What do you mainly use this device for?: READING AND BUYING BOOKS


What do you like the least about this device: NOTHING. CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING.

What program do you use to read books?: NOOK

How long is the battery life?: 10 HOURS

What are the graphics like?: NO GRAPHICS BUT CAN ADJUST WORD SIZE

What is the coolest feature of this device?: NON GLARE SCREEN

How much does this device usually cost?: WELL, I BOUGHT THE EXPENSIVE ONE. THE ONE THAT HAS USB AND WI FI. ABOUT $200

Do you have any upgrades on this device?: YES. I GET NOTIFIED WHEN UPGRADES ARE AVAILABLE.

Do you have any apps on this device? What kind?: NOPE

My thoughts on the Nook:  The biggest thing that bothered me about The Nook was that it was basically an Ereader and that's it.  Yes, I want to be able to read books and my critique partner's manuscripts, but what if I want to edit them?  What if I want to play games?  I like that I can play music on the device and that B&N is right there if I have questions, but all in all I'm not sure that The Nook will be the winner.


  1. I have a nook and love it. But I just use it for reading and that's it. There are games and web features but I never use them. You can always go into the store and play around with it for a bit and get a feel for it.

  2. You can actually access the internet with the Nook, I have the 3G with WiFi. Just looked at the Nook Color and accessing the internet is a snap. The feature that I love is being able to download books from the library which the Kindle is not able to do...yet! Good luck!

  3. I dithered about which E reader to buy, an IPad, a Nook, or a Kindle.
    All have excellent features but in the end, I went with the Kindle.
    I like it.
    I can do searches on the internet and even participated in a survey at a website but it is slow and the screen is monochrome.

    The biggest problem with a Kindle? *groan* It is too EASY to buy books. Lordy, I fell into the clutches of the 'Kitty' series by Carrie Vaughn and now I think I may need an intervention to break

    For reading, it is great. Easy to use and downloads fast.

    And btw, your photo at the top still cracks me up everytime.

  4. Good post.

    My sister has a Nook and she was kind enough to let me borrow it so I could review an e-book (I don't like reading whole books on my laptop). She bought the original like the day before the color ones came out. I don't mind the nook. It is simple and easy to use. Then again, I wouldn't be looking for an internet one at this point since I have a laptop and a netbook for those purposed. But I'm still unsure if I want an e-reader or not. Plus there is the whole financial aspect.

    Good luck with picking which one you want to have.

  5. Nicole- I'm going to play with one of my CP's Nooks, but it scares me to go and play with it at B&N because I'm a sucker and I know they will reel me into buying one.

    Tracee- I may have to check out the new features. But the big thing is if I want to play angry birds...because you know that is important, lol.

    Huntress- I have my Kindle/Ipad interview for next week. The buying books too easily can be a problem...since I seem to have a book addiction. Don't judge.

    Dawn- I do have a laptop and so does my husband, so I wouldn't actually need internet capabilities, but it would be nice to have for traveling and to distract me from life. I've been getting most of my ARCs as Ebooks now and I'm starting a new job, so I wont have as much free time and am hoping to use an Ereader to edit on my lunch or whenever I get a moment.

    Thanks all for your comments!

  6. Conversation with Husband:

    Me: Can we go play with the Ipad2 after we get our carseat checked?
    T-Rex: Sure
    Me: Yeah! We can get something that I can play with during labor.
    T-Rex: No, we need to start getting in the habit of buying things as gifts.
    Me: that going to be my mother's day gift?
    T-Rex: That's not a very good mother's day gift is it?
    Me: I think is it. Or a good "you just had a baby" or Easter gift.

  7. I went to check out the Nook Color in stores yesterday. I loved it but the only problem was that I was told that I wouldn't be able to use Kindle eBooks on it, which put a damper on things. Still a lovely eReader, though!

  8. Love my b&w Nook. I don't want it to do anything but be an e-reader, and I use it almost every day. I am at the point now where I don't read paper books, partly out of convenience, but also, I'm spoiled by the easy page turns, that I can read it hands-free if I'm eating, etc.

    I can't live without it anymore, especially now that Borders is closing.

  9. Keri- That's another big thing I worry about is getting other books and not just B&N, but Kindle and library books.

    Tere- Another reason why I think an Ereader is good so 1.) I can read with one hand and do other things and 2.) I don't have to run out to the bookstore everytime I need a new book.

  10. I have the Pandigital e-reader-- which is set up with B&N. I LOVE it! Plus, it's cheaper!

  11. Sam- Is that a France thing?

  12. I have Kindle for Mac but it's not the same. I think I'd need to do research before I decide which one to get.

  13. I knew I was going to get either a Nook or Kindle, but I chose the Kindle.

    I use it to crit manuscripts. I type in notes (but can't type directly on the manuscript).

    I also use the text-to-speech feature on my wips. I catch a lot of mistakes when the device reads to me.

  14. Lydia- I've been doing my research and asking everyone that I know what they's almost like doing research for a project it becomes so time consuming sometimes.

    Media- I actually didn't know those things about the Kindle, but that kind of changes my impression of it! Thanks!


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