Friday, March 11, 2011

Freshman Five

(Yes that's me in the center doing a reenactment of Romeo & Juliet in English class)

( My freshman yearbook photo.  Yeah it's tiny and yes I had long curly hair and

With lack of a Fangirl Friday interview, I decided to truly embarrass myself and do a little “Freshman Five,” on the blog.  Ten years ago I was a freshman in high school and now I’m feeling very old…I also thought a lot about how people change from their freshman to senior years and how one writes characters differently from age 14 to 18.  So this Freshman 5 adds some random facts about my freshman year that will probably make you giggle and wonder if I’m just making this up, or if you really should feel sorry for my utter ridiculousness.

1.)     My freshman year took place in 2001, that was the year of 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.  I remember sitting in gym class when we heard the news.  I honestly thought that people were just watching footage from the Oklahoma City bombing until there was an announcement made over the intercom.  The rest of the day, the entire school was glued to the TV and I can remember my mom saying, “I’ve never been happier to be surrounded by cornfields.”
2.)    Freshman year was also the first year that I was able to go to homecoming.  But if you look at my pictures—you know the girl with a little extra poundage, braces, and some ferocious eyebrows then it’s pretty obvious why in my entire high school career I had only been asked to a dance as a date ONCE and freshman year wasn’t that year.
3.)    In October I went to one of my first co-ed Halloween parties.  I dressed as a princess and a guy held my hand while we watched Bring it On.  This then ostracized me from the rest of the girls at the party because one girl had “claimed” him and it was wrong of me not to know and to have been hanging out with him at the party.  Girls are mean.
4.)    I had my first boyfriend at the end of my freshman year.  He was two years older and my parents wouldn’t let me go on a date in his car.  It all worked out because he ended up cheating on me with some girl he worked with at McDonalds and promptly dropped out of school that next year.  I really picked the winners in high school.
5.)    My naiveness was to the max at age 14--  I remember the first girl in my class that told me she lost her virginity and I was just mortified.  I had barely kissed a guy let along do THAT.  At the same time I bought my first pair of thong underwear that I refused to wear on days that I had gym class, thought hand holding was one of the best things that you could do with a guy (still do), and had never spooned with ANYONE.

Okay…you can laugh now. 

What was your freshman year of high school like?  Were you as naïve as me?  Have you thought about these things when you write younger characters?


  1. Yep, I think back to my experiences when I was in high school - fun times. I wasn't popular, but I had a wide range of friends. Even had a football player hitting on me through-out the inter freshmen year. We never got serious though. :)
    I remember 9/11. I was home sick when it happened. My mum called me up and told me to turn on the TV. I actually thought it was a movie at first until I saw the news anchor appear. I just couldn't believe it.

  2. I had a very sheltered and innocent high school experience. Let's just say that on Friday nights I went out to dinner with my whole family instead of going to hang with my friends and those Fridays were the highlight of my week. It's so crazy to think about high school...Ah, the memories!

  3. Love the pics! You were (and ARE) so cute! And you are NOT OLD.

    I was a VERY naive freshman. But of course I liked the bad boys!

  4. Kelsey- Look at you getting looks by a football player! The closest thing I came to dating a football player was someone that played junior tackle in grade school...

    Nicole- Friday night dinners and TV after is STILL an exciting Friday night for me.

    Jill- Lol Thanks! I think I liked the bad boys...but probably wouldn't even approach one since I was too scared, ha.

  5. All I can say are such a youngling compared to me!

    Anywho, I do vividly remember my freshman year of highschool. So many embarrassing things, but it was a new school for me, and actually, a great change.

  6. Lydia- There are some moments that I feel young...and then I go to try on a pair of jeans and realize that I outgrew the junior section a long time ago and feel like an old woman in my Levi's, lol.


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