Monday, March 14, 2011

Magan wants an E-reader

So it's not much for a Monday Musing, but I'm going to try something new on the blog...

With the release of the Ipad 2, my husband and I have been talking more about me getting an Ereader/Tablet.  The problem is...I'm not sure which one I want to get.

That's were you come in!

Not only do I want to do my research about the differant Ereaders and Tablets, but I want to share that information with my blog followers! 

So here is the deal:  If you own a Nook, Kindle, Ipad, Ipad 2, Galaxy Tablet, Sony E-reader, Android Tablet, or any other kind of E reader or tablet I would LOVE for you to comment or e-mail me at and let me ask you a couple of questions about your cool toy and then post them on the blog to share with other blog followers.  (Note:  So far I do have someone with an Ipad, Nook, and Nook color who are going to be doing posts.  If you have a Kindle, Ipad 2, or some other tablet I'd be VERY interested in learning more).

The questions will probably include, but aren't limited to:  What do you use your Ereader/tablet for mainly?  What don't you like about it?  Does it have a USB port?  What kind of apps does it have?  Can you use it outside?  Can you access e-mail?  How easy is it to type on?

If anyone has any other questions that they can think of please share them in the comments as well!  Hopefully this can be interactive and the interviee can also help out with answering the questions as the segments are posted!  I hope to get these posted on Mondays/Wednesdays and then will let everyone know what I finally choose!

Hope to get lots of participation!


  1. I got a Kindle but am mostly using it for market research on ebooks. I have an iPad coming today which I plan on using for my social media activities, and I'll see how it works as an ereader as well. I like the concept of ebooks but not necessarily the experience of reading them this way.

  2. I'm useless! I downloaded Kindle for Mac and am patiently waiting for someone (anyone!) to buy me an e-reader. I'd love to hear what you learn from your research!

  3. I'm not an e-reader person so I'm no help. Can't wait to see what you decide :)

  4. I'm not an e-reader person either (I love the feel of paper between my fingers), but several people I know have Kindles.

  5. When I bought my e-reader I did *extensive* research with another friend on Twitter. In the end, she got a Kindle, and I got a Nook. It all depends on what features are most important to you, ya know?

  6. I have the Kindle but I rarely use it. I mostly use it in the summers when I am on vacation but on average I still love my books. Yes, nothing beats the smell, the feel & the whole shopping experience of a good book. Let's get back to the subject of an e-reader, I enjoy my kindle because I can use it on my iphone and on my Mac. All the devices sync to the last page I was reading and that makes it great. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my iPad 2 where I am sure I will be using my kindle application on it and I will retire my real Kindle device. How can you beat a device that does everything? Surfs the web, takes pictures, does video conferences, plays movies & games, is a GPS and allows you to read virtually any magazine, book or newspaper out there!! In my honest opinion...go for a device that can be used for many other things.

  7. Holy toledo I got more comments! I'm lagging sorry!

    Karen G- I've been doing some more research on Ebooks lately and it's definitely interesting!

    Lydia- I'm hoping to get the first post on Monday!

    Flo- My husband has been doing research for awhile and I'm hoping all this research helps.

    Cari- I wasn't an Ereader person until I started getting alot more ARCs in electronic form. Now it's become sort of my thing.

    Maria- I've been eyeing the Ipad for awhile, but rumor is that the Ipad 3 is coming out this winter, so that is my big debacle as well.

  8. I used to carry a lot of books, husband and I used to have words until he insisted I buy an ereader ;). I did research and bought the Kindle 3. I have it less than a year and it has come everywhere with me including travel to Asia. I own the cheapest one, the wifi only. I plan on ordering my books only at home anyway.

    Things I like
    1. The Battery - You can seriously go one month or three weeks with moderate reading without re-charging. It is awesome when you travel especially on long flights to Asia.
    2. The Kindle App - It is free and I have it on both my smart phones. I have a blackberry for work and an Iphone.I am sadly tethered to both of them and the neat thing is it synchronizes on the rare occasions my Kindle is not with me.
    3. Documents can be converted to Kindle files easily. I use them for various work documents and for reading movie scripts etc.
    4. Free Books - I love that there are so many classics and other books that are free. Or some ridiculous low prices.
    5. Music became a seamless part of my life with the Ipod. The kindle is like that for me. I find myself reaching for it and carrying it around.

    1. It is in Black and White. Magazines are out of the question as in I do not want to see them on it.
    2. I am a big patron of the library. Kindle has some issues with the digital rights of books. So I would look into other e-readers.

    Other e-readers I looked into.
    1. The Nook - The Nook Color was not available when I bought my kindle. If it had been available, I would have bought a Kindle anyway because I was looking for a exclusive e-reader. But if you want a cheap android tablet the word on the street is if you 'root' your Nook color it could become a cheap android tablet.

    I am planning on buying an Ipad anyway, still deciding between Ipad 2 and 3. That solves the magazine and comics in color for me. I do not want to be overwhelmed with gadgets, but for me personally, a non-LCD e-reader was worth it just for the battery and the ease of reading.

    Sorry for the long book. Hope this helps


  9. I have a Kindle 3 and LOVE it!!! I use it exclusivly for reading. I love it so much that my husband bought it for me for Chrismas when there was nothing wrong with my Kindle 2...I just thought the Kindle 3 in graphit was neat!

    I use it everyday and even use the text-to-speach when I drive and have probably talked about a dozen people into getting them!

    Thanks! Maria


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