Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

I'm still here and still pregnant, so I guess I should do some sort of a Friday Five update?  Perhaps?  We'll go with it.

1.)  In blogging news, I have two reviews and TWO contests coming up.  Bwahahahahaha.  Teasing isn't it?  The contests don't have to do with me getting an agent, but they do include some great books.  (One is an ARC that I'm sure many of you have been waiting for by a certain lady with the initials EJ and the other is a book from a wonderful lady who writes about ghosts...and goths...).  I'm hoping to get the interviews and contests up by May, so you may just have to hold still for awhile.

2.)  How am I going to do all these contests with a baby in one hand and my computer in the other?  I don't have to...I picked my Ereader/Tablet.  Yes, I'll probably do a post on this, but after doing some more of my own research my husband bought me the Ipad2 as a mother's day gift.  It's still going to be at least another two weeks before it gets here, but you can except some wonderful 2 am tweets!

3.) In writing news, I decided to put aside my "for fun" novel and start on another project.  It's very gritty, very dystopian and it's a love story.  My original idea ended up sounding like everyone's dystopian project, so actually after reading a review of MEMENTO NORA I thought of how to make mine different.  For now it's a secret and only my critique partners know, but maybe I'll share something someday :)

4.)  When I decided to start doing book reviews, I didn't realize how many of them I would actually get.  It's definitely not a bad thing, but man I feel like I'm giving you all a review a week.  Are you okay with all of these reviews loyal blog readers?  I still have four more books to read before June and if you are tired of my reviews I'm willing to bow out.  I don't want to have a complete review blog, but I actually kind of enjoy reading books and figuring out what I like and dislike about certain writing.  The more you read, the more you realize what you like.

5.)  The hiatus is still coming and I'm sorry for being so grumpy and not posting regularly.  I've realized that there are a lot of ups and downs to late pregnancy and have even been comparing it with querying.  You know how you work for months, years, whatever on a novel and you get out to query and you think your so close to getting that agent and only end up with rejections?  Yeah pregnancy false alarms are like that...  But in the end I know that someday I will have an agent and someday I will have a baby (even those women with the stone babies for 60 years eventually have theres!).  And I actually haven't received a rejection lately, so at least I have something going for me...right?

How is everyone doing?  Did you miss me?


  1. Ooh, a dystopian novel! You know how I like a good dystopian. Don't apologize about the hiatus--I'm the nanny to my 10 month old niece and sometimes I can't juggle everything and I have to have a mini break down :-)

  2. Um of course I've missed you. And here's to that little babe coming out healthy!

  3. LOVE the reviews, even if I don't stop by and say it :) So yes, more, please!

    And WHY must you be so secretive of your dystopian baby??? Okay, okay... I get it. But I am still *quite* curious.

    Enjoy your hiatus!

  4. Did I miss you? Hmm... Let me think... Ah duh, of course I did, silly! ;)
    You've been a busy person! Your little girl, new MS, reviews (which I love, BTW), queries,... Do you have any time to rest? lol.
    Good luck with everything!

  5. Nicole- I thought I'd try it out, see how it fits.

    Candy- Thanks! Here's to hoping that yours comes out healthy too!

    Amparo- Yeah I'm glad that you liked the reviews since I have a BUNCH more! I'm sure I'll say more about the dystopian when I know where it's heading myself, lol.

    Kelsey- I hope you know that I've been a vampire since before it was cool, so I really don't need sleep.

  6. I have missed you! I was getting worried! But hang in there...And good for you for trying to keep up! I would have posted "Back in One Year." With a maybe...


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