Monday, April 11, 2011

The Girlmance

We've all seen the buddy-buddy bromances that were made popular by such movies as I LOVE YOU MAN, but what about the girls?  Where are those books and movies with the girl friendships?   Where are the GIRLMANCES?

Girlmances are actually harder to find in literature than I thought they would be.  Most novels seem to focus on a budding romance than a friendship.  BUT that doesn't mean that I couldn't find any, so here are three of my favorite girlmances in novels.

Evie and Lish:  PARANORMALCY- If you haven't read the book, sorry, this is a spoiler.  When Lish died, I cried.  Just the raw emotion that Evie had for losing her best friend was enough to make me lose it myself.  Kiersten White created a friendship that ignored that difference in species and SHOWED you why these two were such good friends and made me believe it.

Katniss and Rue:  THE HUNGER GAMES - In a game in which everyone is your enemy, Katniss found a friendship that would show her just how real the games could be.  At first it may have looked like a big sister relationship for Katniss, but as the games went on it was clear that these two girls were equal and there to help each other out.  (yes another spoiler, if you haven't read the Hunger Games...uhhhh...then you may need to pick that up) When Rue died I felt the same fire that Katniss had.  The girlmance was so believable that I wanted to get into the games myself and fight for Rue.

Bella and Alice:  NEW MOON, ECLIPSE- I don't feel like the movies touched on this much, but I believe that the books really showed the budding friendship that had developed between Bella and Alice.  Their friendship may have started out rocky, but it seemed like once Alice accepted Bella then the rest of the Cullen clan followed.  It may not be the best example of a girlmance, but I could definitely see the life-long friendship that had developed between them.

For some reason it was pretty hard for me to find girlmances in YA literature.  I know there has to be more, but all I could think about were some friendships, but the focus was more on the romance than anything else.  With that was a little easier to think of characters from television and movies who fit the "girlmance" bill.

The two that stand out the most to me from television would have to be The Sex and the City girls and The Golden Girls.  These were two series in which a group of four women's friendships lasted through rocky relationships, death, and everything else that you could imagine.  Instead of completely focusing on their romantic relationships (which seems to happen in movies or novels with the girlmance being on the side) the girlmance is the main focus on both of these shows.

Are there any other books or movies that you could think of that have a great girlmance?  Have you thought about adding a girlmance in your own WIP?  Did you know that when you google girlmance that my blog comes up?


  1. Girlmance, I love that word! Great examples too. I may have to strengthen the girlmance I have in my current WIP now...

  2. Awesome examples! Agree that the whole Bella/Alice girlmance was sort of missing in the third film. I pretty much think that's one of the reasons I even like the series--how well those two get along.

    Haven't read PARANORMALCY yet (yes, I know. I suck), but am DYING to.

  3. Oh, and YES, Katniss and Rue are an epic girlmance pair :) <3

  4. Ok, had to google 'girlmance' and you're right - #10 on the list. LOL - Awesome!
    You do make a good point. You don't see much girlmance. But, what about Hex Hall with Sophie and Jenna? I think even Born at Midnight has a little girlmance. Oh, and the Sphinx's Princess and Sphinx's Queen. I think all these have a touch of girlmance in them. :)

  5. Lydia- Glad to help with the inspiration!

    Amparo- GASP! I would loan you my copy, but it's an autographed one because I'm kind of a Kiersten White fangirl.

    Kelsey- If you look at pictures of girlmances you will also see my blog heading! I actually haven't read any of the titles that you suggested *hides* But I PROMISE to check them out!

  6. I love a good girlmance! Have you seen the trailer for Bridesmaids? It looks like a good girlmance to me. Wish there were more of them in literature.

  7. It does seem that more attention is paid to male-female relationships in a lot of YA out there, doesn't it? Sometimes at the sacrifice of female friendships. Hm.

    Tender Morsels, while a very rough book to read, is very focused around the female relationships of the main characters (a mother and two sisters close in age). I'd really like to see more books where the female friendships are just as important as the romantic relationship!

  8. Nicole- I haven't seen the trailer, but since I don't have a life I did see the movie poster on Perez Hilton!

    Steph- Sometimes I feel like female friendships get thrown by the wayside in YA and I totally agree that I'd love to see more books with female friendships!


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