Monday, June 13, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's off to work I go daughter is 2 months old now, which means that I have to go back to work *sad face*

It was hard to keep up with writing, reviewing, and this blog while staring at this cute face all day, but hopefully I can get some time on my lunch hour to get time in for everything.  If I don''ll just randomly post pictures of Olivia on the blog and you can all stare and go 'awwwww' how is that?

Okay, no seriously.  Working on a new project and I have three reviews to get posted this summer, so really I will do that.

Now the real the heck do all of you with so much on your plate find the time to get everything done?  Tips are always appreciated!


  1. I ignore my family. Lol no really, I use my phone a lot. I squeeze in time at work to stalk others blogs.

  2. OH MY GOD, that is a lovely picture. Like, OH MY GOD. *dies of cuteness overload*

    I really just try to set a time for everything. It tricks my brain into stopping at certain intervals of the day. Sometimes, though, it doesn't work. And I sob :)

    Best of luck with everything!

  3. Multitasking! Plus, I'm obsessed with my planner. I always know exactly what I must get done everyday. Love the picture =)

  4. Sometimes, the busier we are, the more we accomplish. Most of my rough drafts were written when I had the least amount of time. I hope it works the same for you.

    What a cute little one!

  5. What a sweet baby!!!

    The answer really is, YOU DON'T FIT IT ALL IN. You will fail at some things sometimes in order for other things to be awesome. I say, make that baby top priority and the rest will fall into place when it needs to.

  6. AWWWWWWWWWW!!! What a sweet picture! :D

    The best thing that has worked for me is setting things up in advance. Even posts, I try to have them completely written and revised at least 12 hours before I plan on posting them. Doesn't always work out, but basically I just try to stay ahead of the curve. :)


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