Monday, August 22, 2011

Doing your research pays off

Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly.  Starting a new job is a little time consuming and I haven't really had any good writing news lately, so it's been kind of hard to talk about it.

But today I'm finally going to talk!  (And YES, I am relating to something with Olivia).

On the 15th the pediatrician gave me the go-ahead to start giving Olivia baby cereal.  I was so excited that I went to Wal-mart right after the appointment and picked up two differant kinds of cereal, bibs, spoons, and bowls.  I came home and put Olivia in her bumbo with her bib on, mixed the cereal up and she screamed.  There was no way she was going to eat it.

I was upset.  My husband tried to take pictures and record it, but all we got was a screaming baby.

So then I decided to try again, but before trying I did some research on the best way to get your baby to eat cereal.  I scoped out differant forums and Googled differant things, so by Wednesday I was ready to try again. 

Olivia was less grumpy because she didn't just have shots and after playing with the spoon with her for thirty minutes, when she went into her high chair this happened.

Research pays off!

What does this have to do with writing?


No, seriously, it has a lot to do with writing.

We research to write elements of our story,

We research to find the right agents to query

What else do we research?  What happens if you don't research?  (Well for one you end up with a lot of rejections...or alot of wasted baby cereal)


  1. Wah! She's so cute. Very true on research though, we can never have enough knowledge.

  2. It's funny stuff that rice cereal. We tried our daughter on it and she broke out with allergic reactions on her skin. The doctor told us the cereal was rubbish and we should give her natural stuff like potato, pumpkin and apple.

    It's always hard when you get so much contradictory advice, which I guess is where the research comes in, as you say.


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