Monday, August 1, 2011

New Blog followers as a birthday gift? YES PLEASE

So, Monday August 1st is my Birthday and to celebrate I thought I would take a little idea from Karen's blog and have a birthday party cook out!

Here's how it works. If you're a follower on my blog, (if not, join now!) you make a comment, say what food you're bringing to the cook out, what you blog about, and invite people to come visit you. Then you go visit at least 3 new blogs, leave a comment and follow if you like it. Hopefully everyone will find a whole lot more than 3 they want to visit and follow. It's a fun way to find new blogs and get new followers. The more you comment & follow, the more commenters and followers you'll get. When I participated in Karen's blog party, my follower count practically doubled in 24 hours. It's a great opportunity to expand for new bloggers. For those of us who have been around awhile and might even be getting a little bored with it, it can provide a new lease on our blogging life.

To prepare for the party, you might want to spiff things up, like focus on your platform, make sure your font is easy to read, that you have an interesting bio and post to attract comments and followers. I plan on doing a bit of remodeling on mine, actually looking forward to an excuse to change a few things. In fact, I already started by changing profile photos.

The Cook out begins Monday and ends Friday with a new recipe and review!

Again, here's how it works:

* Be a follower here

* Mention in your comment  what food you'll bring, what you blog about and any other pertinent info you'd like to share

* Go to at least 3 new blogs of commenters and say hi. Follow if you like it

* I'll check the comments all weekend, visit as many as I can, and follow if I'm not already.

Sound like fun? I think so! Okay, then, see you on Friday!

Oh, and please click the twitter or facebook icon at the end of this post to invite others to the party. The more we have, the more new followers everyone can find. 


  1. Note: You don't have to follow the exact rules, but if youjustwant to leave a comment with Birthday wishes that is ok with me!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAGAN!!!!!!! :D This cookout is a awesome idea! I hope your B-day is full of wonderful surprises!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Kelsey Ketch and I'm bringing some of my fab. cole slaw. I'm an author. My historical young adult novel, DEATH'S ISLAND, is represented by Bree Ogden of MLM and I'm currently finishing my second revision to its sequel, DEATH'S FURY. My blog is called Ketch Tavern ( The tag line kind of says it all: Where Fiction and History Unite. I blog about my writing, book reviews, and of course I write about historical sites I visit. Hope to see you stop by some time.


  3. Happy Birthday, Magan! I hope you have an awesome one :)

    I'm Steph, also know as Maybe Genius, and I'm bringing blackberry-vanilla cupcakes to the party. Hope you like 'em!

    I blog over at Maybe Genius about YA lit and writing stronger stories. I'm a Nerdfighter and a smarty-pants and passionate about what I write. If you like nerdy things and want to write awesome books, we'll probably get along.

    Hope to see you there!

  4. I'm bringing pork pies and mushy peas, not exactly birthday food but lovely stuff. I like to blog about anything but each post sticks with a particular subject so I don't ramble.

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm bringing BLTs because we need something salty to eat. And I love summer BLTs when the tomatoes are ripe...

  6. Happy Birthday! I'll bring cinnamon rolls, because I find them delicious and therefore assume everyone else does too :)

    My blog isn't entirely mine--it's one that my students do most of the writing for. Since I teach English and am an avid bibliophile, our blog is mostly book reviews. I do my own reviews as well (and look over what my students submit, or course). It's been fun putting it all together!

  7. Oh, I love this idea!! As a fellow Augustian, I would love to follow this idea on my blog.

    My blog is His Submissive Baby Girl, where I blog about finding my forever Daddy.

    I would bring banana pudding and potato salad that I would dupe my mom into making since she does it so well.

    Totally fun post!

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  9. Happy Birthday Magan. I hope you have an awesome one! Too bad I can't participate in the event.


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