Monday, October 10, 2011


With my upcoming publication, I have to say that things are going to be changing.

For one, you wont be following my rambling on and on about how I want to cry from rejections (btw, got two rejections after I got the call from Darkside.  I laughed.).  But there are some other changes and some of them you may not like.

--I will not longer be doing reviews & recipes or any sort of reviews.  Why?  Well, for one, it's kind of time consuming and I would rather spend my time getting my edits done and getting my wonderful books out to you.  The other reason is that I feel it had become sort of a conflict of interest at this point.  Am I endorsing a book?  Would it be fair for me to keep my agreements with other publishers to review books when I'm not working with them?  I decided that it wouldn't be fair and that I needed to discontinue.  Recipes & Reviews, or even just recipes, may trickle in from time to time, but not as frequently.

--My posting will not be as frequent in the next couple weeks.  I have gotten some major edits back from Darkside and need to work on those.  I'll still try and post as much as possible, but I think you would all rather read my book about aliens, right?

That's about it for now.  I'm pretty sure that I could handle still doing all the blog things with editing (I did create an entire alien race in six months after all), but I also work full-time and have to keep up with a demanding baby.  So, alas, these changes will be made.


The punching bag

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  1. Your blog looks totally out of this world! LOL. Hope all goes well with the edits.


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