Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet me and get your name in a book!

I will be making my first author apperance at Joliet public library's author fair this Saturday!  Not only do you get to see me, but you get to see the awesome GP Ching, Megg Jensen, and Karly Kirkpatrick!

But wait...I don't have a book out (yet) to sign or anything to offer you, why come see me?

Since I don't have anything physical to give away, I decided to give away something BETTER.

If you come to the Author's fair and tell me that you heard about me from this blog, twitter, Darkside's site and you will be entered to have a character named after you in the second Alien book!

So what are you waiting for?  Make plans to come to come see me!

And for more info, or other apperances check out the Darkside site!


  1. Sounds awesome! Hope you have a great time at your first author fair! :D

  2. If I were still in IL, I'd totally come see you :)

    I totally missed the boat on this, but HUGE CONGRATS on having your book pub'd with Darkside! I wish you tons and tons and tons of luck with it!

  3. Have a fantastic time! Congrats on the book coming out soon.


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