Friday, March 9, 2012

The Friday Five: LoLCat additon

Have you missed my weekly blogs? Well I thought you would like a little bit of an update, courtesy of LoLcats.

1.)I have been pretty busy working on edits for both Life, Love, & Lemons and How to Break up with an Alien, so...yeah.
funny cat pictures - Anxiety Cat sez dis day iz too perfekt- too serene: sumfin must be rong- . . .SUMWEREZ!

2.) T-Rex and I are currently getting bid so we can build an office in our basement. I think he is just sick of me taking over every space with my sticky notes for scenes and putting my laptop on his desk.
funny cat pictures - i wantz dis one too!

3.) I'm back on Weight Watchers. Five pounds lost so far, but I'm hoping to lose another twenty. You would think that gaining fifty pounds with a pregnancy would just cause a fifty pound baby to pop out and I'd lose it all!
funny cat pictures - Hmmm.

4.) I think everyone thinks since I'm published and that other Indie authors have hit it big, that I'm rolling in it. Truth be told, I'm not rolling in it. But atleast I know I have some fans and that you will all still buy my books :)
funny cat pictures - You may think I'm rich  They're mostly one's

5.) On Monday March 12th there will be a big reveal of the How to Break up with an Alien cover on the Indelibles blog. Keep watching.
funny pictures - Neighborhood watch. Committee of one.


  1. Lol. Love the update with the cat pics! Can't wait for the unveiling of HOW TO BREAK UP WITH AN ALIEN cover!

  2. Can't wait for the reveal on Monday.
    Love those LOLcats too!

    btw, I tagged you with the Lucky Seven at my blog.


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