Monday, March 12, 2012

A Winner and a Reveal!

The winner of the "Name my Character" contest is Victoria ! Victoria send me an email at authormagan@gmail with what format you prefer and I will send you some Ecopies!

She chose the name Laine, And then I thought, "I like Laney." So now we have a Laney! You won't know about her until book 3, but let me tell you she is a good character!

Also? The highly anticipated cover for How to Break up with an Alien is over on The Indelibles blog.

I think it is beautiful :) My cover designer CAMarshall is AMAZING.

I'm not ready to give out a preview of How to Break up with an Alien yet, so here is another tidbit of Life, Love, & Lemons.

Happy Monday:

“Evans, go out and finish sweeping out on the floor while Kai finishes up by the register." Jason ordered with his nasally voice.
“Um, can’t I do it later once everyone leaves?" I muttered, twisting my fingers in my belt loops.
He handed me the broom with one hand and started easing me out to the floor with the other. “You can let them know it’s time to leave while you’re out there sweeping.”
I was completely mortified and my entire body shook. I started sweeping as far from their booth as possible and went as slow as I could. Hoping that maybe by the time that I got there that they would have been done and gone. Of course I could only be so lucky.
“Oh look at that, the princess has got to sweep." Jake laughed as Taylor joined in.
I didn’t look up at them, but I could feel their eyes burning holes into my back.
“Hey guys, the lobby is going to be closing in about ten minutes so if you would be able to finish up that would be great." I muttered as I tried not to look them in the eye.
“Yeah, uh huh." Taylor pretended to listen as she tightened her grip on Jake’s arm.
“Oh shit Brett what happened to your shake." Just as I looked over, Jake took Brett’s almost completely full shake cup and dumped it all over the ground. My eyes couldn’t have gotten any wider as I just stared.
“Um, hey do you mind cleaning that up?” Taylor tapped her nails on the table.
I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t speak, so I did the only thing that I knew to do; I grabbed the broom and ran to the back room to cry.

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