Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Break Up With An Alien is here!

The Highly anticipated second book in The My Alien Romance series is here!

Face it, long distance relationships in high school are hard, especially when the other one in the relationship is an alien. Alex Bianchi may have survived an intergalactic battle, but that still doesn't excuse her from her senior year of high school, or qualify her for any sort of scholarship. To make up for college tuition costs, she takes a job at a local coffee shop. If only coffee could solve all of her problems. As Alex's senior year progresses, everything changes and she can't figure out if it is interstellar or if it is just time to break up with an alien.

It is available now on Amazon and Smashwords.

Check out the series that Lydia Kang, author of The Fountain, calls

A tiny bit Twilight, A tiny bit Men in Black, and a whole lot of fun!

For a limited time the first book in the series, How to Date an Alien is only 99 cents for the Ebook. The #1 Alien Romance on Goodreads!

Get it to day at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Smashwords.

Stay tuned for more details and a giveaway coming up with The Indelibles!


Magan is a self-proclaimed geek-to-glam poster child who channels her inner geek by writing science fiction for teens, even though she slept with a night light until she was in middle school for fear of alien attacks. She now lives with her husband, daughter, and dog in central Illinois where she still sleeps with a night light...just in case.
You can find her online at www.maganvernon.com


  1. Congrats on the second book, Magan!

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