Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings: Sometimes I stare at hot men

Isn't it a lovely Monday?

Okay maybe it's a lousy Monday and it's raining out or there is a drought and your water bill is higher than the Empire State Building. Either way I'm still going to talk to you about my muses and today it is all about the boys.

In How to Break up with an Alien and Alien Book 3 (Title reveal to come soon, I'm holding out, bwahahahaahaha), Ace interacts alot mor with the human world. One of the important things I have to think about is how someone from another planet would look at different things like football games or coffee houses. So for some "research" I decided to watch movies and TV shows with other men that are displaced.

 Let's start out with Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's excellent adventure. To complete a project for school two dudes travel back in time and bring back famous people throughout history. I'm not sure how 'hard' Keanu actually had to act in this role, but his reactions to different people made me laugh out loud. At first it was just the little things, like the fact that I mispronounced 'Socrates' for almost an entire year after seeing this movie since I thought it was the right pronounciation or how Keanu just stared at every single new person he met wide-eyed like they may possibly beat him in his fluffy head. Then I started to notice his body language to different objects and people in the past, how he would lean his body back slightly when he was aprehensive about approaching someone or how he would nod profusely when he actually had no idea what the other person was saying. By watching his body language I was able to gauge a bit on how Ace might react to something like pork chop sandwiches and still think it was impossible to eat a pig out of foil.

 Then of course there is Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold. How would someone distinguished from the past deal with modern day society? I love me some Hugh Jackman, especially his sideburns in Wolverine, so any excuse to watch him dressed up like an English noble is a good one for me. Ace has been around Earth for a few decades and when he actually did interact with humans, it was the 1940's a definite different way of life. So I watched how a man from the past interacted with a future world, using different languages, bowing, and just looking so good in a suit. Mmmm men in vests...

Which leads me to my other favorite alien...

 Yes! You are correct the vested man is Joseph Gordon Levitt and he started his career as an alien on the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun!  JGL is the ultimate in playing a displaced character, he did it throughout his years as a confused, long-haired teen in 3rd Rock and then cut the hair and rocked a vest to play a dream entering hottie in Inception. If you want a laugh you can watch himi and his family with their reactions to life on Earth and dating humans OR you could just watch him wearing a vest in inception...your call.

What males do you use for inspiration? Did you know JGL was an alien?


  1. Ah! I love Kate and Leopold!!

    Let's see... Male actors I use for inspiration? Hmm... I think I better limit the list, so here are six that first come to mind:

    1. Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Josh Bernstein from Digging for the Truth
    3. Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Castle
    4. Brendan Fraser from The Mummy
    5. Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey (I could stare at him all day!!!)
    6. Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock.

    I have more, but I think that would become an entire blog post! LOL.

  2. I just use them as inspiration for how the act in different enviornments. If we go with just male inspiration in general that would be a HUGE post and it would just be a bunch of pictures of Adam Lambert and Adam Levine.

    1. LOL. I understood that, but these guys aren't just for looks. It's how they react to situations. Seth and Natti are running for their lives, so Seth has to adjust. He has to be quick thinking like Benedict's character, Sherlock, who is very strategic and detail oriented. He's not exactly as calculating or cold, but still. Josh Bernstein is a survivor and intelligent. Orlando in Pirates reacts in a passionate sense, similar to how Seth reacts when Natti is involved. Dan Steves's character is compassionate, a great leader during the war, and always level headed. As for Nathan and Brendan, they both have a sense of humor even in the middle of danger. It's really the mix that I'm looking for in Seth while he faces the biggest challenges of his life. I could also get into characters from StarGate and etc, but like I said, it would be too much. :)


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