Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writerly Wednesday: Spliced

It's done. The first draft of Spliced is DONE. Now I have two first drafts of novels that I get to plow through, but for now it's DONE.

What is Spliced about you may ask?

It's a future in which instead of tattoos or piercings people are getting animal parts fused on to them.

You want more?

Okay here's the little blurb I've been working on:

Pacey Jones wants nothing more than to get spliced -animal parts fused on to her- ever since she saw her first kitten tale on a socialite. Too bad she's not old enough yet and her dad has a strict 'no splicing' policy. But when her best friend, Illena, finds a loop hole in the age requirement Pacey finds it hard to resist the appeal of a pair of wings, no matter how dangerous it could be.

Rowen Mangold used to be a track star then splicing happened. Now he is the army candy of  Emm, the president of students against splicing, and spends his Sundays at the church for the Order of Genetic Conservitists. Each time he see's a student with a new splice he cringes, but his reasons lie much deeper than what anyone knows.

A chance encounter with a pair of bull horns finds the two of them working together in ways they never saw coming. It's the spliced versus the anti-spliced and the winner could lead to deadly consequences for both Rowen and Pacey.



  1. Sounds intriguing, Magan! Congrats!

  2. Very interesting! Hopefully I'll get to read this and review <3


  3. Congrats on finishing the first draft. Must be a great feeling! I like the idea behind this.


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