Friday, June 1, 2012

Why Ace and Alex break up

Ive gotten flack from reviewers and even critique partners and friends about this concept of this second book, so why did I write it?

Lemme tell ya... When I read New Moon and saw the movie I was beyond disgusted with Bella. Her vampire boyfriend dumps her, so what does she do? Well she cries in a hole for awhile, stays in her room for days, and then uses the hot werewolf boy to help her become a daredevil so she can see visions of her vampire boyfriend. Then Edward comes back after leaving her ass and all is forgiven?

 That wasn't the message I want girls to have about break ups. That their boyfriend is the end all and be all. This story is about Alex and her dreams. Her goal of going to Circe was to eventually get into Columbia and she found Ace along the way. But what happens when instead of thinking about life with her alien forever she thinks about the alternative, a normal human life.

 People said that I could have made Ace a bigger jerk to add to the break up or even just done the Girlmance love triangle I originally had planned. But no. This is Alex's story. She has to come to her own conclusions about what she wants in life. It's not a fairy tale. Long distance relationships are hard and deciding what she wants for her future is even tougher.

 I promise that the third book will redeem the love story with lots of heavy petting, but if you want a story with a strong heroine that goes for what she wants, no holds bar, then How to break up with an alien is for you.

P.s. But there is totally still kissing and alien making weird comments about Earth.

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