Monday, June 4, 2012

Alien Book 3

I'm not ready to release a title yet, but the first draft of Alien book 3 is DONE!

Now I'm going to sit it aside and work on some other things, but plan to have it out to you all by this fall!


I thought to spark your interest for this book I'd share my playlist of songs that I played constantly while I wrote and will continue to listen to while I revise.

Let's just fall in love again- Jason Castro
Drive- Incubus
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
Going away to college- Blink 182
Marry You- Bruno Mars
Here's to the night- Eve 6
Wonderwall- Oasis
Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
Jump then Fall- Taylor Swift
You and I - Jason Mraz
For your entertainment- Adam Lambert
Love in an elevator- Aerosmith

What can I say? I have interesting taste in music.

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