Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writerly Wednesday: Prompts

Writing prompts are great to hone up on your writing skills. I went to a workshop a few years ago and Carrie Lofty gave us writing promps with pictures or with a scene idea and we had to go from there.

I also recentlly entered a novella for a submission with a writing prompt and I had to complete a 10-15K novella with that prompt.

Sometimes it works to write a story, sometimes it doesn't. So here we go.

First let's start with a picture. Give me a 100-200 word story/description/whatever to go with this picture.

The sunset over the mounttops just as Dorothy lay her weary head on the pillow. Tomorrow would be the same thing over and over again: milk the cows, gather eggs, and can the vegetables. She longed for a new life outside of their small cabin, but with Ma still struck with the fever and Pa in the war, there was no sense in even hoping.

Okay that's all you get today, maybe I'll come up with another one next week. Happy writing.

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