Friday, October 19, 2012

Coffee Talk with Caitlin from Rise of Rector


Alex: Okay, since this is coffee talk, what is your drink of choice?

Caitlin:  Since it’s October that would be a double tall mocha with pumpkin spice! I didn’t used to like coffee but Eren has me totally hooked on those things now.

Alex:  Did you just put your feet on the table? *curls lip in disgust* Is that an Irish thing or just some sort of weird, paranormal thing that I don't know about?

Caitlin:  We’re all about hospitality and making yourself at home, so I just thought, you know… *flips a long blond curl over her shoulder and lifts her chin.*

Alex:  Okay...since you're going to be fiesty, we will move on. With all this end of the world stuff going on, how the heck do you actually find time to do anything in high school?

Caitlin:  Are you kidding, my totally hot Romanian boyfriend goes to my high school. The end of the world can wait so long as I get to see him. *sighs* Besides, I’ve got to spend all the time with him that I can, just in case.

Alex:  Soooo...what you are telling me is that the world really may be an end with this Mayan stuff or did some ancient aliens make that up? NOT that I know anything about ancient aliens.

Caitlin:  Aliens, say what now? Sounds like you and I need to have a longer talk. Seriously though, that’s what the prophecies say. There is a war to end all wars coming and my friends and I are destined to be on the front lines. So they say.

Alex:  Uh I said nothing about aliens, but uh....*Shudder* Okay, now I'm getting the creeps with all this end of the world stuff. Let's try something lighter. You've been with this group of friends for two years now, what is the craziest thing that has happened to you all.

Caitlin:  There was this time at the river when we were all practicing channeling, wait, I can’t tell you that. Fane would kill me. *SPOILER* Okay, in our Junior year during a sparring competition my best friend Eren sucked the power out of all of the channelers in the gym and literally blew the roof odd. It was epic. She rocks.

Alex:  *Mutters* And they say my life is exciting. So do you think it's finally all going to come to an end or is there more to the story?

Caitlin:  End, heck no. I don’t believe fate is set in stone. We can change things if we really want to. The world doesn’t have to end, it can be saved.

Thank you for joining us at coffee talk and everyone out there be sure to get your copy of Rise of Rector!


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