Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: The Only Exception

I promised once The Only Exception got 100 people adding it to their TBR on GoodReads I'd post a teaser. That happened in a day! It took me a little longer to post because I wanted to get the right teaser. It's a little longer and hasn't gone to the editor yet, but hopefully it will  keep you wanting more.


"Hanging out at the place I left you and waiting for my return?"
I opened one eye, looked to my left, and saw Trey standing in the doorway with one hand on his hip and the other leaning against the door frame. Ugh, just who I wanted to see.
"No." I opened both eyes and pushed off the door. "Just heading to get some dinner and groceries."
"That didn't look like what you were doing." He pulled away from the door frame and took slow, meticulous strides over to me. "But if you were waiting for me to ask you to dinner, I'd be happy to oblige."
He was so close that I could inhale his exquisite scent. He smelled like the cologne they have samples of in men's fashion magazines, but keep locked up in department stores. Part of me wanted to pull him against me and take in all of his glorious aroma. But the bigger part of me knew better than to try anything with the senator's son.
"No thanks. I think I can handle this one solo. I know you conservatives aren't big on women going out on their own, but I swear I can handle myself." I turned away from him, sliding my purse higher on my shoulder.
Before I could make it even two steps, he was right next to me. "I'm just trying to help out the new girl around here. I don't mind making you feel more welcome, no matter who you are voting for in the next election."
I turned to face him. I wanted to say something snarky in return, but when I saw the pleading behind his bright green eyes I instantly felt like my knees were about to give out. I had to stand my ground. I didn't transfer to meet a new boyfriend. I transferred to get away and that was exactly what I needed to do. "I'm going to have to decline."
"Can I get a rain check, then?" he asked, running a hand through his hair. I could just see his muscles flinch through his white dress shirt. For a brief moment my thoughts wondered to how much he worked out and what he would possibly look like without the white, starched shirt.
"Maybe," I muttered before I turned around and ran through the exit to the stairwell. The only sound left was the thumping of my own heart in my chest. There was no way I was going to go on a date with any guy, especially not the senator’s son. No matter how cute he was.


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