Thursday, January 21, 2016

#Workathomemom Life

Does anyone follow the hashtag #Workathomemom ?

That's me. That's a lot of what I post.

The glamorous life of being a writer who works at home. My kids are in preschool until 1:30 (until 2:30 if I pay an extra $7 a day), but basically that is my time to do everything: write, clean, eat, etc.

Want to know my daily schedule? It's really glamorous.

You're getting it anyway.

5:30 AM - Alarm goes off, I roll over, husband goes for a boob squeeze and I yelp, getting out of bed.

All before 6 AM - Feed the dog, let the dog outside, put kids lunches and book bags in the car, fill water bottles, put husband's lunch and laptop in the car. Start his car. Make coffee. Put husband's coffee in the car. Get more boob grabs.

6 AM - Pour myself coffee and then have two kids stumble into the kitchen.
Make breakfast. Feed kids. Get kids dressed. Idly check Facebook. Break up 12 fights.

8:30 AM - Leave for school, drop kids off, deal with a crying mess.

9:30- Back home. Start dinner in the crockpot. Clean while listening to an audio book.

11 - Stop cleaning, pull a burrito in a jar out of the fridge, eat while scrolling Facebook.

11:30 - Put on Criminal Minds and write until it's time to pick up the kids.

2- Leave to pick up the kids, get them in the car, youngest falls asleep. Put youngest in bed, do crafts with the oldest.

4- Husband gets home, starts snacking on everything while he see's that dinner is in the crockpot.

5- Eat dinner (because we're old)

5:30 - Clean up dinner, brush teeth, make lunches for the next day.

6:30- Bath for the kids, pick up toys.

7:00- Watch a movie or TV show with kids on our laps.

8:00- Put kids to bed, I try and write, get poked a lot with husband's peen.

9- Passed out.

I know my life is glamorous. But in the time I do write, I use it. I use it well, trying to get 5K a day. This isn't my every day, but pretty darm close.

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