Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Publishing Step 2: Edit. Read. Edit some more.

Okay I should have got to this earlier, but I'm here now.

Is your book written?

If not you should go back to my first post.


If it is, CONGRATS!

Now what?

Now it's time for you to edit.

First there is self-editing.


First. Set it down.

I know, easier said than done when it wont get out of your head, but do it.

Okay, I know you didn't.

Now it's time to read over it again. See if there are any scenes that are dragging, any typos, etc.

Now that you think you have a masterpiece it's time to find a critique partner.

What's that and what do you need it?

A critique partner is someone who you work with to trade manuscripts with and critique. Give each other notes (constructive criticism). It's better to use a critique partner because you become a better writer when you read and you have someone who is also a writer to read your work.

How do you find a critique partner?

There are many online organizations and other places, but first I'd figure out what you're writing?


Then Romance Writers of America may be a great place to start. They have a ton of local chapters and online ones.

You can also just google "writers groups in my area". To start, meeting other writers might be best then you can find out who you vibe with and sometimes it's good to know that there are people like you who aren't just behind a computer.

There are also great conferences you can go to as a newer writer with workshops. RWA, RT, UTOPYACON, are all great resources.

Now that you have the critique partner you two can trade manuscripts. Remember that it's nothing personal. They're there to build you up, not tear you down. It may take a few different critique partners, but eventually you'll find your mesh.

Up next.  Trad or Indie? The choice is yours.

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