Monday, January 4, 2016

Publishing. Step 1: WRITE THE DAMN BOOK

I get a lot of emails, messages, and just overall questions from people who want to begin the publishing process.

So I decided, maybe it was time I write a blog post about it.

But I can't get everything in one post, so I'll be doing around...eighteen or so. I'm not a math whiz, so this could change the number.

The first big thing I ask anyone who has said to me "Hey, I wrote a book and I have publishing questions" is...

"Is the book finished?"

99 percent of the time the answer is "No."

Here's my biggest advice: WRITE THE DAMN BOOK.

I know, I know I make it seem so easy (Yes, I've written a book in ten days).


It starts with a spark an idea.

You know you have one that's been itching at you.

Now here's the tricky part. You may think you're not an outliner, but really it helps. It helps to get the story moving. Even if you veer off from your outline, it's a start.

For outlining, there are many different methods. I recommend picking up the book Take off your pants I know a lot of people who never plotted and said this book has helped them immensely.

I'm also a big fan of Save The Cat  It's a screenwriting book, but it definitely helps to figure out where you need certain plot points in your novel. You may not need them there or think you need them, but hey at least it's a guide.

Now make a goal. It could be just to write every day (even if it's one word). It could be 50 words. Heck it could be 5000 words. Whatever it is, just try to write every day.

Another thing that helps writing?


Yes, read.

Read what you think your book genre is. No, don't plagiarize word from word of a favorite author, but they can help to inspire you. What draws you to their story? Is it the hot bad boy with a heart of gold? The mystery? Use that in your own story.

Now keep writing. Don't stop to edit. I know, I know, a lot of people edit while they write, but STOP it. The  most important part is finishing the book.

The next step is editing, beta readers, and critique partners, but for now I leave you with:  WRITE THE DAMN BOOK.

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