Friday, July 9, 2010

Funky Friday

So originally I had planned to do my first "Fangirl Friday" post, but then I felt like this Friday was feeling a bit "funky."  (Oh yeah think Glee).  Well I got another rejection, which let me tell you I'm getting sick of these things collecting dust in my inbox!  But you know what?  I can't let myself stay in this funk of "Oh man my work stinks" because there are people that actually do really like my manuscript.  Every beta reader (so far) has said they couldn't put it down.  (one in particular didn't get out of her jammies and sat in bed almost all day reading.)  So what does that tell me?  The work is good and it's been critiqued and edited and even professionally edited.  It's just where do I go from here?  Well instead of staying in my funk it's time to get funky.

So what did they do on Glee when they were in a funk?  Focused on what their competition didn't have (Funk!  Like the music.)

So what do I have that my competition doesn't?  Well, how many college aged manuscripts do you see out there? Not alot.  How many of them have a professional editor that's been working with them to make it the best darn manuscript possible?  And most of many love their manuscript as much as I love mine?

Okay that one may be another story.  The  more I read it, the more I love it and dont' want to change it.

So as I thought about my funk and fangirlness I realized that to get out of my "funk" I have to fangirl my own story.  Sell it.  I've got the query letter that rocks their socks off and if someone will just pick up my partial then we are golden!

I've been told to maybe revise my first 30 pages, but every time I look at them or try it a different way I just can't see another way to do it without taking out huge chunks.  So I'm going to keep on keeping on.  Sending out more queries, maybe listen to some funk and keep on keeping on!


  1. *blinks* Wow. I've actually seen that episode of Glee and I don't watch the show.

    Get funky and keep on sending out. You'll get there. *cheers*

  2. Hey, stumbled on your blog and I loves it mucho :)

  3. Ohhh Grazie! I'm here till they tell me to go home!

  4. You just hang in there, girlmance! :)


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