Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Musings

Let's pretend baby that you've just met me.  And I've never seen you before-Jason Castro

The song that started it all...

There was this idea that played in my head of using a Sicilian girl character whose parent's owned a Pizzeria.  The story mulled and mulled, even while I was on my honeymoon...then a certain Mr. Castro song wouldn't get out of my head.

And here is one of the best things about being a writer:  If I find someone attractive it's completely okay for me to fawn over him as long as it's for my writing purposes.  So thus I wanted my character to fall for someone that looked like Jason Castro.  (And just look at those blue eyes, *gush*)

But a regular girl falling for a singer? SO overdone.  Then I watched a Jim Breuer special and the one thing I remember him from was on Saturday Night Live when he did a skit as the stoner snowboarders from the Olympics.

A snowboarder + Sicilian girl = SOLD.

I knew I wanted the girl to look a certain way...

I am aware that this is Lisa Loeb and I am aware that she is older than a seventeen year old girl, but I like the whole pageboy cut and glasses look.  I think it's cute and I could totally see it on a Sicilian girl.  (Yes, in case you are wondering I am Sicilian.  Well half my dad's from the it kind of makes sense when you look at my characters.)

I added a mean girl from the beginning and decided that I didn't want the blonde cheerleader, so I made her Asian and play an instrument.  Somehow it's working...don't ask questions.

2K in and we'll see how my vomit draft turns out.

Beta readers be ready!

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