Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

So here is your teaser...

I have an interview with a VERY amazing author coming up on Friday...

I have fan girled out beyond fangirlisim...

I have two fulls and two partials out, so I dont' want to tease on the current MS  (thought I am debating on more fluff, so I continue to mull.  If you want to read it to tell me if I need it just let me know!)

For a teaser you can also go to Miss Snark's first victim page and check me out!  I'm in the secret agent contest and well if you know my manuscript name then you can find it :)

Okay, Okay if you insist you can have an unedited teaser of my vomit draft of the new WIP, IMPERFECT.

I slid down onto the concrete, trying to ignore the smell that was coming from the dumpsters. This always happened to me. Kristy Qin got everything: first chair flute, student council president, and now Jay Morningstar.
I tried my hardest not to cry, but my eyelashes were getting heavy with the frozen tears. I had to take my glasses off to start peeling the little ice cubes off of my lashes.
“It’s a little cold to be hanging outside by the dumpsters, don’t you think?”

That is all for now.  It's a vomit draft, so yeah.

I decided against sci-fi for now.  Yes, sorry, the alien story has been put aside.  It's actually alot harder to write than I thought and I'm not sure how many Sci-fi novels that I can crank out.  But contemporary romance from a teen perspective?  Let's just say I already cranked out 5K in two days, so it's coming alot more organically.


  1. Haha yea scifi's a little harder to write than a lot of people think. Glad the new WIP is coming along. :) I like the teaser, please tell me that's Jay talking to her...? Yea, yea??

  2. Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *evil laugh*


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