Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blaine's POV

I promised that if My Paper Heart made the top 100 free on Amazon I would post a scene from Blaine's POV. Well it did and then I got busy with edits on The Only Exception.

I know. Bad Magan.

But since you all waited so patiently I decided that I would finally reward you by writing Blaine and Libby's first meeting from Blaine's POV. And Of course...a gif...  (Note:  This is unedited, first draft, and contains fowl language because um...duh it's nineteen year old boys talking)

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"Come on Crabtree, you can't tell me you still think LSU is going to pull through this season." Butch Sinclair chugged the last of his beer and then threw it on the floor.

It felt like we did the same thing every single night: went to Jacksons' parents' place, drank, and then Butch and Jackson argued with me about LSU. Not like there was much else to do in Smalltown USA. We either hung out at the trailer and some random girl took me into her backseat, or I stayed home and thought about all the fuck ups I had.

I laughed. "And you really think Ole Miss can do shit? You're crazy."

"Crazy as that night you did Layla Duggar in the church parking lot?" Jackson elbowed me in the side and both him and Butch cackled like two hyenas in heat.

Once they were done with their laughing fit Butch looked up and his eyes practically bugged out of his head like a cartoon character. "I see something I'd like to bang in any parking lot."

My eyes trailed up, way up a pair of long, tanned legs to what Butch was staring at. Or should I say who. I'd never seen the girl before and I would have known, not only is Elsbury tiny, but she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. She was wearing nothing but a short skirt and a tiny white tanktop that hugged every inch of her curves. Long, blonde curls traveled down her back and all I could think about was running my fingers through it while she wrapped those legs around me.

Then it was as if time stopped. Her chocolate brown eyes locked on mine and it was as if everyone else in the room disappeared and it was just me and those eyes. It sounds cheesy as Hell, but right there it was if I saw my future with her. She wasn't just another girl I wanted to bang, but I wanted to talk to her. Buy her flowers. Take her to meet my mom. And have her be the one walking down the aisle toward me. People tell me love at first sight is just a crock of shit, but when I saw those eyes I knew they were wrong.

She broke our stare down, biting her bottom lip and looking at the floor before Jackson's sister and Dee Badeaux's granddaughter, Brittany, started talking to her again. They were like two hens in a hen house flapping around her.

"Who is that?" I glanced at Butch who was licking his lips and straightening out his trucker cap.

But it was Jackson who answered. "That's Dee Badeaux's nice, Libby Gentry. She failed out of college so her parents sent her down here to get some southern learning and straighten her out."

"I'd like to straighten her out with my dick." Butch clicked his teeth, staring at her like she was a piece of meat.

I opened my mouth to say something, but then the beginning of "Pour some sugar on me" poured through the speakers. Butch's jaw practically dropped to the floor and I followed his gaze. There was Libby, swaying her body to the beat of the music and trying to pull Brittany along with her. She moved her long legs to the floor and back up again. Her ass practically staring me in the face. I felt my jeans tighten. The girl could definitely move.

"Well, it looks like it shouldn't be too hard to do that. Looks like I'm getting lucky tonight." Butch wiped his mouth.

I couldn't let him try. I couldn't let  him spoil the one ray of sunshine I thought could possibly poke into my life. I had to get to her first. And not let her end up being another conquest of any other guy. I knew at that moment I wanted Libby Gentry to be mine.

"The Hell you are." I shot up from the couch and ran over to the blonde goddess. Her back was to me, but I could already smell her shampoo or perfume. Whatever it was it smelled like summertime: sunshine and strawberries, and I had to adjust myself again before I grabbed onto her arm and stopped her dancing. If I didn't end up with her that night, I didn't want anyone else to. The moment I met her, I fell in love with her and if I had to make her hate me first, then so be it.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?"

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