Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

With the new year approaching I bet you all wonder what I've been working on?

Well I guess it's time for #TeaserTuesday to return on the blog, ey?

Maybe with some photo teasers that we all love to hate?


Ready to get Wild? Book three in the Forever Wild serial is coming! The cover reveal is the 6th and you can sign up for that now! I don't have the official blurb because Inkslinger doesn't seem to want to take "Sexy stripper point of view with sex" as the final blurb, so I have to think of something else. The tentative release date is January 16th, but I get trigger happy and it could be out earlier :)
Add it to your GoodReads now and if you want to know exactly when my books come out you can sign up for my newsletter on the side there and get an email when they come out.

This is the mafia book that I've been talking about AND did the cover shoot with my model friend Steven. I had almost half of this written and then decide that it was going to be written entirely from his point of view so I scraped it. I will have a new blurb up for you all shortly and put it on GoodReads (maybe by next teaser Tuesday) and the link for cover reveal sign-ups because Sarah Hansen (with Okay Creations!) will be starting on the cover shortly!

And the one a lot of you have been waiting for. On Paper Wings. The continuation of My Paper Heart. It's been on GoodReads for awhile, but it will finally be out this summer and the official blurb will be up soon!
What books are you looking forward to the most? Any more teasers you want to see next week?

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